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Stories by Diane Sutton

It's Just Not Possible There's Laws Against It

2001           Complete : Yes       rated: M

Ronnie is methodically transformed into Diane by subliminal messages from a story site that he has stumbled onto by chance, or so he thinks. The authors of this site have decided that with all their talents it might just be possible to actually transform an unwilling, unsuspecting male into what they have been writing about all these years, a gorgeous Transgendered Girl. As fiction writers they had come up with so many ways of doing this, now they were going to do it for real, all their fantasies would come to life. With the help of Crystal Sprite they have a plan in place that will accomplish this fiendish plan. And add another author to their ranks as a bonus.
Part 2 - The StorySite authors continue to make improvements on their subject of transformation. Diane is now more than 7 months into her new role as a female. Crystal has added another factor that no one else is informed about and may never know about if she has her way. Diane is now becoming happy with the transition to a female due in no small part to the sibliminal messages being sent by the Internet StorySite and by the chemicals she is now using to replace her hormones.
Part 3 - Diane having gone through her total transformation has now come to the end of her story. It may come as a surprise to some however, it is a very fitting ending for such a wonderful girl.

Age: Adult 26-55   Categories: Chemical or Drug Induced Change, Mind Altered/ Hypnosis/ Brainwashed, The Operation, Stuck    Keywords: Corsets, Hair or Hair Salon, Hormones

part 1

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Added : 02-14-2001

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part 2

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Added : 11-10-2001

part 3

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Added : 07-25-2002



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