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by Susan Fraser

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Comment by Unknown on 08/12/10
I would like to become a girl. My life doesn't mean anything as a boy. Wish i could be transformed as in this story.

Comment by Jerry Miller on 12/29/09
great story, only if that was true. i wish someone and abducted me anf force mr to becaome a female. i would want my name to be called jennifer. i keep wishing one day i will be a female one day. that someone will take me and force me to become a female all the way
only if wishes can come true

Comment by juliej on 08/24/05
a very interesting story a bit far into yte future but a goood story overall

Comment by Paula on 07/10/04
sound like a dream come true. Parts of it made me unsure if there was any mind control or not.

Comment by Jane Hudson on 07/10/04
Such a lovely TG dream oh I wish

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