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Amy's Problem
by Carlito Esperanza

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Comment by ashley on 07/30/13
another great read.

Comment by Silvia. on 06/09/11
She was wrong using the camera and the recorder against him. She has no right to do this to him.
But she loves him too much, and he also loves her too much!
So everything's alright.
Good job.

Comment by ashley on 05/05/10
Just a wonderful story and right down my alley so to speak. My situation entirely with a few wrinkles. Had to read it twice and got really into it. Thank you.

Comment by jonnie on 12/31/07
Wonderful story and enjoyed by this reader very much!

Comment by juliej on 12/20/04
intresting story well paced &written surprised his wife took it so well &intresting

Comment by Sheryl S. on 11/23/04
Thoroughly engaging and internally consistent.  Sweet, empathetic, quite visual and imaginitive.  I just loved every syllable.

Huggs & Kisses,

P.S. One question: Why Carlito in lieu of Carlita?

Comment by Happy Reader on 10/15/04
A very delightful story from begining to end.  Developed around a realistic theme and real characters within a hetrosexual relationship.  It is great to see a positive emphasis on working issues out through open communications and a loving committment to the marriage and each other.  Please continue your writing!

Comment by Bobbie on 10/08/04
Wonderful story.
It is unfortunate that more of us cannot be so lucky, although I do
believe that the more recent generations are probably much more comfortable with the idea than older ones

Comment by Francine on 10/07/04
Hi Carlito  :)

A nice story with love. Thank you
Hugs, Fran

Comment by Carolyn Renee on 10/06/04
Thank you for a lovely story. Please continue with sequels to Carol's adventure. I wish that my wife were like Amy! Love & Kisses  Carolyn Renee

Comment by Robyn P. on 10/05/04
Thank you for your excellent story!  I like the way the relationship develops and the purge before the wedding is very realistic (speaking from experience!).  I enjoy reading stories where the wife or girlfriend is trying hard to work the cding into the relationship in a positive manner without resorting to domination.  I like the ending where vacation ends and it is time to come back to reality.  Now how is the cding going to be integrated into day-to-day living without going overboard or full-time like all the other stories?


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