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Angels With Smudged Wings
by Cathy_t

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Comment by Greta on 12/13/11
Thuohgt it wouldn't to give it a shot. I was right.

Comment by Silvia. on 07/08/11
Good work Cathy.

Comment by Jill MIcayla on 12/24/05
I decided to see what you write.  I like stories like yours but with one difference, no continuation.  I enjoyed seeing your take on after life.  In my own life I truly believe that peopel with Gender Dysphoria are here to teach others humanity.
I enjoy authors who write so I can visualize, I have a vivid imagination and when I read I put it to use, I had a colorful and viviv idea of where Jerry was and how he looked. Cathy_t_ , could I ask you to edit a couple of new stories I have written.
I am well pleased with how you write. I tutored college students in writing comprehension. You will never need to worry about destructive criticism from me. I thoroughly enjoyed your story.
Jill Micayla

Comment by Bill on 07/10/04
I enjoyed your story and I will look for part 2.

Comment by SaraUK on 07/10/04
Hugs Cathy
I really did love reading this story and i hope you add more very soon. Heaps of hugs and love form your friend in the UK
Love from SaraUK :)

Comment by Paula on 07/10/04
sweet tale with a enjoyful to read ending.

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