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by Georgina

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Comment by Berta on 08/26/22
Absolutely loved this story!

So sad that this site seems to be no longer active and we'll never hear more from you about this erotically sensual coupling.

I loved wearing my Mom's exquisite vintage satin wedding dress and satin lingerie under it when I was home alone. I think she may have known as I soon discovered brand new satin panties, slips and gorgeous nightgowns in my size in my dresser drawers where my "yucky" male ones had been. These also replaced her tossed away lingerie and gowns that I had "borrowed" from the trash.

You may have answered my life long question of how I'd wake up some days with a very sticky penis yet no wet dream type stickiness on the bed-covers or the satin nightgown I'd slept in. Mom always checked on me during the night and had a sweet smile on her face the mornings I woke all sticky. Nothing was ever said and new satin femme items kept appearing as I outgrew my old ones until I left home for military service. (It sure pained me to throw them all away.)

Comment by Sharon on 05/07/10
What a beautiful story,every boy and his mum should enjoy making love
with each other.

Comment by anonymous on 12/07/08
Two comments here: 1) Every single noun in this story must have had at least two adjectives before it, and 2) At the very least, these two folks need professional help. Badly.

Comment by Mke on 05/07/07
These stories really turn me on.  The detail, softness and description are the very best.

Please, keep writing.  

Comment by tr curious on 10/19/05
good stuff. i wonder if the mom ever asked her son how it felt to do what he was doing...his answer could add some richness to the story.

Comment by Susan heywood on 10/10/05
These stories get me very hot and wet.  Shame I don't have anyone with whom to share them, so I have to use Miss Dilly!  Thank you anyway.

Comment by Pauline on 06/30/05
How delicious to have you come back to form so strongly.  We've missed your lovely creations and long to see you inspired again, soon, darling.

With great devotion.

Comment by MIke on 05/16/05
Great Stories!!  Keep up the work.

Comment by Debbie on 05/09/05

The description of the joys of satin and dressing were great, as were those of the act. However I think I must be a bit staid as the incest part spoilt it a bit for me!

Many thanks


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