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by Mastermind

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Comment by harrt on 04/12/15
please update Ashley one or put at sapphire place

Comment by Silvia. on 07/17/11
I think you stopped writing, right?

Comment by Hannah on 07/11/08
I loved this story so much. I really like the whole slow transgender / age regression change along with a strong emphasis on the mental changes too. Keep up the good work!

Comment by Suzanne on 03/18/08
...It's my thought that you mean June 2008? (tempremental and sensitive...a sign of a GREAT artist!)

Comment by Mastermind on 03/17/08
It is nice to hear these pleasent comments about 'Ashely'.  However, because the story isn't yet complete, I ask that people allow me the opportunity to let the story evolve on its own rather than people asking is this what happens, is this what you are attempting to say.  Though these are sometimes good guess, saddly all the invidividual guesses made won't add up to anything more than guesses.  Please comment purely on the specific section of the story offered at that particular time.  If you would like to make a guess as to what is happening or why something is happening please feel free to say so, but don't post it in the form of a question.  Post this instead: It's my thought that ....  Hence those reading the comments won't be irritated by these estranged questions.  Thanks and keep reading.  I should have the next part ready sometime during June for posting.

Comment by Suzanne on 03/16/08
'Cognitive dissonance'? I'll have to look that up! great stuff,Thank You, please don't keep us in suspense too long for part two! what's the mechanism here? Is Marcus under Katherine's will after she wore and broke the medallion? Is he shrinking/morphing or just getting thinner?

Comment by Chibikonatsu on 03/15/08
Oh yes, do please write more.  It's an interesting take on the whole mind control genre: I love the cognitive dissonance he experiences from his new urges.

Comment by Ben on 03/14/08
I really liked that please write more.

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