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The Bet
by Susan Fraser

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Comment by Susan Anne-Pauline on 01/13/03
Dear Susan,

Perhaps, I read more, "between the lines," than the previous commentator. It was a beautiful story with a happy ending/begining. To me, it was well written and the characters developed nicely. As Susan described the changes to her life, the enjoyment of shopping, the changes in her emotions, and her perspective on living, the printed words became, "alive," to me. Well done!


Comment by Pervette on 08/27/02
You have the makings of an interesting situation here.  A man takes
hormones, just to prove a point, & from there he ends up undergoing
SRS & loving it.  The motivation is flimsy in the extreme, but that
can be fixed if you detail exactly what remarkable changes went on
in his head--changes that did the work of what would otherwise be a
lifetime of GID in just a few months.  Such an unprecedented mental
development would make for a memorable tale.  But we didn't get
any of that, & for me that resulted in a huge credibility gap.  In
fact, a credibility chasm.  There simply wasn't enough motivation
for me.

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