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A Blushing Husband
by A Happy Wife

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Comment by yopute momde on 09/20/17
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Comment by suba bob on 11/26/16
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Comment by martin on 10/14/14
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Comment by matzcrorkz on 08/05/14
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Comment by sissy sussie on 06/20/14

Comment by graham on 06/12/14
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Comment by thisisme on 07/10/13
I think it is rather sad that women have turned out to be just as coniving, ruthless and degenerate as what many think is a typical man. The bible literally says that women are typically more degenerate than men when it says that a good man may be found among thousands but a good women amond ten thousand.

Comment by john/mary on 09/20/11
my wife loves to dress me in womens things.she makes me dress as soon as i come home from the office.i wear a bra panties pantyhose under my suit.i change into my maids outfit black bra black seamed fishnet pantiehose white ruffel panties high heels ann maid dress, wig and makeup.when her friends come over i must do what ever they want.the women i eat their pussys the men blow jobs all bed time she puts me in a courset black full fashion seamed stockings 6in ballet shoes, she puts a but plug in my ass a bit gage in my mouth,handcuffes my hand behind my back and ties my feet together and a coller around my neck and ties that to a hook in the the morning she removes the but plug and fucks me with a8in strap on dildo,then i get dressed for work.and stert over again.

Comment by NW UK sissy on 06/08/11
Thank You. This was a really great story. i would love it to have taken the direction of the sissy being sent to Carl's to clean house in it's maids uniform, with Carl becomming more confident and cruel in his treatment of the sissy.

Comment by graham on 02/12/11
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Comment by sissy maid kendra on 02/11/11
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Comment by Sissy Angela on 01/16/11
I read all these stories of how sissy hubettes love being maids to their wives and servicing their wives boyfriends and I melt. I was always a sissy and grew to love boys and then men. I fanta sized about having oral sex with men anf after the first time I gave a man a blowjob, I knew I would always suck cock

Comment by Carol Anne on 11/26/10
I love reading all tyhe comments by sissies who are hubettes like I am and I love reading about these strong women and their men that sissies serve just like I serve my superior and her male friends. I love to prepare he men for her and love to clean them up when they are done. Somemof the men like me to service them and their friends. I loved it when she told some of my male co workers about what a sissy I am. Some of these men pinch my rear and call me all kinds of sissy names and refer to some of the actions. She had me wear a bra under my shirt once. Before I left for work I could see the little adjustment buckles and the hook at the back through my shirt. One of the guys at work noticed I was wearing a bra and made me service him in the bathroom. I had had a crush on him and I was so smitten by him that I started crying I was so happy to do him. He told some of the others I am his bitch, I smiled when I heard it. H enow tells me what color and type of panties and bra to wear and lets me show him before I service him

Comment by Silvia. on 04/19/10
A wife with a lover in the house where the husband lives?
Oh, My GOD, I'm very sorry for you and your story!!!!!!!!!!
Bad,bad,bad, bad,bad,bad,bad,bad.bad........................................................................................................................................

Comment by Loney Galey on 04/05/10
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Comment by sisygirl19 on 01/21/10
love the stories, need to take a bubble bath right now! will write soon

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Comment by Mistress Meredith on 12/02/08
Scrumptiously delicious humiliation for the "poor" little sissy maid. He/she has lost her pants and now stands there blushing in her pretty dress. Marvelous. You are a very good dominatrix, Happy Wife.

Comment by joani on 11/07/08
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Comment by joani on 08/01/08
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Comment by ginger on 07/22/08
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Comment by Martin on 06/12/08
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Comment by "Carol"  the sissy hubette who is now a happy male housewife on 05/29/08
I am finally living who I am. My wife has forcibly made me her sissy hubette and her total domination and my subservience to her has made us both very happpy. I am a total subservient sissy male who is happier as a pretty hubette serving her, her amazon friends and their male toys. their toys are masculine and deserving beautiful women. Since I am a dainty sissy I am to serve them and their true masculine males.  I am wearing panties fulltime and love when I am allowed to wear a bra and go out in public in a dress. I love all things feminine and love my training to be a lady to serve my mistress and her boyfriends.

Comment by Priscilla Ann on 12/05/07
Excellent story of forced feminization and female domination that makes one blush just thinking about it. Wonderful example of abject humiliation.

Comment by Bad Betty on 10/27/07
My wife have me to dressup and go shopping with and she find a guy to take me to his place and rape will I am tie up and gag and he make sure I can not see thing at all. He have 25 guys rape will I am tie up and then he turn me around and take me gag out and me it fuck in my mouth tell all I  can hold .And one of them tryme home with them and make be hore all nightlong. badbetty

Comment by Branda on 01/12/07
Congrats, a great story, I love enforced feminisation and you put it over so very well.

Comment by subdued on 01/01/07
Oh, Happy Wife!
That I could be your happy hubette. You have such a fine tone for mocking and ridicule and lowering the sissy down to the level where "he" will do anything to please the Wife.
Please come back and write more...
I am, truly yours,

Comment by suzette la soubrette on 03/28/06
I love all of your stories! Very well written, very erotic, and simply delicious. I keep checking to see if you have added any more, but alas, you haven't for some time. When can we expect to see your next tittilating tale?

Comment by Brian T Houlihan on 02/04/06
Excellent job!  You really have a gift for dominant female to sissy girl dialogue.  I just love your stories and I get soo hard in my panties when I read them.  Love her instructing Carl how to spank the sissy and making sure the whole family can see her being disciplined.  Please keep writing in this vein.  Thank you Happy Wife.

Comment by Ms. Susan Pauline Bauer on 08/17/05
Dear Happy Wife, with a polite curtsey,

Another beautiful, well-written story. Often, it is difficult to write in the first person and stay in that tense. I read some of your stories last night before bed. They help me keep in proper perspective. I have much to do today. Filing, cleaning, meal preparation, grocery shopping, and two uniform changes. I've got a brand new Waitress Uniform with, "Ms Susan," embroidered on it. That will be for serving dinner. Then my fancy French Maid's Uniform for the evening to serve coffee and dessert. I am excited! My chores await me and my time with my Mistress Mary's computer is limited. I hope she doesn't get too many ideas from your wealth of stories.

Sisterly yours, with a submissive curtsey,

Ms. Susan Pauline

Comment by juliej on 02/02/05
its an intresting coalition of writing well written like a poem in some respects

Comment by Sissymaid on 11/05/03
Thanks a lot, it's a great work Miss. Happy Wife.

I think you could give the max describtion through one way conversation. isn't easy. You pay enough care to attractive us for each word. this is from your worderest works.

Thanks again

Comment by sissy jane on 07/28/03
what an amazing story - i loved it


Comment by Erica June on 02/07/03
Delicious!  I think it's so exciting when the impotent husband has to wait on his wife and her boyfriends, and even more so when he has to serve them breakfast in bed, wearing his pretty little apron.  What adds the icing to the cake is when the boyfriend works in the same office, that once happened to me.  I't can be exquisitely embarrassing, and exciting, knowing that her performance in bed is being discussed by the men you work with, especially if the lover reports to you during the day at work. It would be best of all if he stayed for the weekend, and you had to go out and buy maid's uniforms to serve them!
Thank you, and please keep up the good work.

Comment by Mr hush on 08/01/02
I just don't see any love or respect in this story!

Comment by nancysue on 03/26/02
Thank you for a wonderful story and a special fantasy of mine.  You really know what sissy "hubettes" are all about.  My Wife has recently found out about my sissy ways and has many plans to dominate me in every way, as is proper for a Superior Female in respect to a sissy like myself.

Comment by prettysheri on 12/08/01
Great job, i love it

Comment by sissy becky on 09/27/01
Thank you so much, Happy Wife.  Your stories are so thrilling and show what a good Wife can do to the willing sissy.  Your stories make this sissy wet where sissies get wet when excited.
a pretty curtsey,
sissy becky

Comment by Lisa's Sissy on 09/16/01
thankyou so much for the outstanding stories.  they are so well written.  the style is second to none, and the chasity belts are simply a must.  i wear one 24/7 now.  it really is the ultimate control.  please keep the same style, it is so unique, and the it turns this cuckold on like never before.  you have added significantly to my already  very blue balls.  thankyou, Lisa's Sissy

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