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Chosen One's:The Firebird
by Austin Henshaw

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Comment by Silvia. on 10/24/10
It's a very,very bad story!

Comment by  CB on 06/12/02
         I agree with some of Prue's criticism. The story and plot are pretty good but some things couldn't be explained.

Comment by Prue on 06/12/02
look i dont want to be discouraging, but you really need the input of an editor/proofer. unless this is intended as a spoof. there were so many inconsistancies i cant list them all. things were added without explanation or reason. names seemed to be known before they were introduced. u mentioned he was going to give his friend a decent burial (on the train) and yet he just threw him out the window? how was he to do that? plus just the mechanic's of getting a dead body out the window. its as if he was a bag of trash. please check story site for the list of available proofers that can help u on this ok? huggles from prue

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