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The Christmas Story
by Heather Alexander

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Comment by ashley on 03/07/14
Thought I had read this before - cute.

Comment by Tangie on 12/13/11
That's a mold-bekraer. Great thinking!

Comment by ashley on 09/23/10
this one took me for a loop!

Comment by Ann O'Nonymous on 10/18/05
I suggest that you expand this particular area, and give a few more details -- fill out the characterizations so that they "fit" in this "alternate" universe. Play with, maybe, a man dressing as a "male" and its ramifications; a school boy's uniform (pleated skirt that shows his legs, semi-treansparent blouse showing off his pecs, frilly petticoats); or try to visually explain, demonstrate, the "why" of this world. There are so many possibilities here!  

Comment by Lee on 10/16/05
Very nice story. Short and sweet. Just enought to whet the appetite and wonder where it may lead. I look forward to more installments to read how you flesh out the characters and further adventures and situations.
I am sure it is just me, but please try to proof read or have a friend check the story before sending it in.
Stay well

Comment by Early June on 10/15/05
A cute tale.  done with interest and lack of recrimination.  It may be just as the observer related.  Thank you for sharing with us

Comment by peggy on 10/15/05
good job Heaher. We can only dream of the future. Keep up the good work. peggy

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