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Crossdressing With My Boyfriend and Girlfriend
by Cindybelle

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Comment by on 06/30/21
pCAu8M I truly appreciate this article post.Really thank you! Want more.

Comment by matzcrorkz on 08/04/14
u8jp3M wow, awesome article.Thanks Again. Want more.

Comment by crorkz on 08/03/14
LnoSVf Im obliged for the article.Thanks Again. Much obliged.

Comment by Jamie on 04/21/13
I love this story.  Timmy is a nice boy and I could see where he and Jason will meet.  Jason is so tall and handsome that Timmy will not be able to resist him and their first kiss will be so erotic.  Jason will take Timmy dressed as Tammy to a school dance and Timmy dancing close to Jason and his feminized body pressed against Jason's masculine bulge will push poor little Timmy over the edge.  Their mouths will join in a kiss and Timmy will press his knee into that sweet masculine bulge between Jason's leg.  His mom will pick them up and take Jason home first.  She will see the dreamy look and the desire in her eyes for tall and hsndsome Jason and know Timmy will be spending lots of time dressed as a girl.

Comment by thisisme on 03/29/13
And yes it would be nice to see the story finished.

Comment by thisisme on 03/29/13
Here is what his answer should have been... "I have just spent the single most humiliating day of my life thanks to the both of you and it is too late for apologies."

Comment by Silvia. on 08/18/11
He will grow up hating his mother and sister. And then he can kill both!  
Disgusting story.

Comment by Pixie on 03/07/11
 I have every sympathy with Timmy/Tammy, when I was 15, I very nearly had a similar experience when my eldest sister got married. She wanted me to attend her wedding, dressed up in an Elizabethan style doublet and hose, (tights), similar to Timmy/Tammy, and walk up the isle in church with the other bridesmaids, as a ring bearer/page boy.
Although I was a budding closet trannie at the time, I was much too shy to go through with it.
Looking back, and knowing what I know now, I would have jumped at the chance and got my sisters and mum to have dressed me up, and gone through with it.
  Pixie xx

Comment by Heather on 08/21/07
Oh my pitter patter goes my heart and thank the good graces I never had to wear such an outfit giggle giggle.  While i have most definately worn lacey and satinny things never this.  However the story most definately needs to be continued what with already two potential suitors egging him on, and Jason does seem to have a twinkle in his masculine eyes when Tammy is near. Audry almost  well i wont go there ;) and the possibiliity of a girls swimsuit in some emergency comes to mind.  Will Tammy meet jason enfemme? Wiil he meet Audrey as Timmy?  Please continue.

Comment by Tina on 08/09/07
I hope Tammy comes back. That was a good story!!!!

Comment by Rone welles on 08/02/07
  Five star rating  *****  the story showed a strong will in the boy
but at eleven he is not able to get himself to be strong enough with his mother and sister combined..... He will grow up some day and may hate his mother and sister as a man for what he endured as a child ..

he is smart and the story has potential to be a good and fun experience for him if he is careful ...  

thank you for sharing with us this very nice story.. Rone

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