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Divine Seraph
by Austin Henshaw

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Comment by Silvia. on 10/24/10
It's a very,very,very, very bad sory!

Comment by Terrence on 10/14/02
   I have a few questions about the series:
When is Tyler ever going to be mentioned in the series again? He was after all Robert's best friend but he isn't looked upon very often.
How could a vampire and a dragon mate? This is genetically impossible unless ofcourse the dragon could morph int oa human like Kevin can.
When will there be a new Seraph? Judging from Before the Chosen After Christopher( Seraph was killed) there should be a new one since Christopher inherited his powers from Dracula.
Is Robert going to have more powers? No offense but a guy with a sword and a divine trident doesn't compare to the mage Anne. I mean I know he has more then average strength and athletic ability but give him more weapons or power beams or something
Are Robert and Anne ever going to get married? Have kids?
In Divine Seraph when the amulet was destroyed why didn't Anne or Merlin just fix it with their magic? Afterall they are both mages.
And last of all a tip: Make Max be more dog like. I know he has the knowledge, perception, speech, and qualitys of a human he still needs to be able to use his senses

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