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Drummer in High Heels
by Abby Rhodes

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Comment by Doctor Haggerty on 01/11/22
This is an excellent story. Aside from the TS/erotica elements, which are tastefully and well done, it's very well written and often extremely funny. The author clearly has extensive experience in bands, and writes very convincingly, with the odd little insider detail adding authenticity. A first rate read - I hope you went on to write the full length book!

Comment by high quality backlinks on 07/18/14
NnPTMw Really appreciate you sharing this post.Really looking forward to read more. Will read on...

Comment by rone welles on 04/09/13
nice story screems for a finish ...does the band excell ?
does alisa stay a girl  ...what happens next?  
                        thank you for writing this keep up the good work ... we love you for it ,,     Ronewelles

Comment by chzwiz on 11/07/11
Dear Abby,  :)

Another lovely story with a happy ending. I liked the character development.

Comment by Karen on 02/23/11
Please can we have some more. Cling-film???

Comment by Aleesha on 05/19/10
Like all the other readers I too enjoyed your story. It would have been good to see if Mac and the band became successes.

Comment by Silvia    (from Brazil) on 04/30/10
Hi Abby.
I loved your story.
No forced feminization and humiliation with the guy, only love, care, and friendship.
You had made a great work.
You don't write a long time. Why did you stop?
Please, come back and write more of those lovely stories of you.
A lot of kisses.

Comment by Amanda H on 01/04/08
Thank you for a beautifully written and very plausible story. It is a dream of a lot of men to live as a girl and be accepted by women.  It would be a shame for the story to end now especially as Alisa and Carla seem to becoming an ‘item’. So how about chapter four? Please…

Comment by Mark/Shannon on 12/31/07
I loved the story. I am a straight man that loves the idea of a woman dressing me up because it is a turn on to her not to humiliate me. I was in one relationship like that and it was the greatest thing ever. Your story is just the kind that is most like my fantacies of finding another woman that wants to see me dressed up and gets turned on because of it. Your kind of stories are very hard to find. Most are about forced feminization and/or humiliation yours are light hearted and caring. Please write more because their are a lot of us that are straight and dont want to be forced just coaxed into it.

Comment by Janice Lynn Miller on 10/08/07
LOVED your story. It is witty, funny, and sounds very true to life. Please continue it so we can all see how all the girls, especially Alisa turn out. Huggs, J-Lynn

Comment by antonia on 02/11/07
A very straightforward, interesting, plausible story with good grammar and no filth. Congratulations.

Comment by J.L.Cee on 05/31/06
I really love the story. Read #1 to 3 and I am looking forward to reading more. I have noticed you stopped in 2005 and nothing in 2006. I hope you get back at it soon. We deserve to read a bit more on how Mac/Alisa enjoys the sex with any of the girls, especially with Carla and the promised romp in the closet with Blanche

Comment by al joseph on 03/18/06
I enjoyed the story. I thought it was well written.  I hope you continue the story .

Comment by Bill on 08/16/05
Hi, Hope to see the next installment soon very good story. Looking forward to it continuing.

Comment by Jezzi Stewart on 07/17/05
I just read one through three.  GREAT; Janis Joplin and Big Brother and the Holding Company updated 40 years, feminized, and twisted.  You've done it again, sis!  I SOOOOO want to hear Touch My Butt's version of Hotel California.

Comment by layla on 03/30/05
love the story please dont do like the other. why doest he have to have sex with a guy no all of us like to be a woman you have to sleep with a guy if i was him ill be lesbain please add part 3

Comment by Kelli_uk on 12/24/04
Very engaging. This is the first time I have been moved to comment on a story, but I felt the need to this time. Really started to feel a connection with your characters and have a sense that I would like to get to know them better. As a few have said, don't lose track of your intentions at the start, this has the makings of a thoroughly enjoying read, please don't allow it to become crass, and please, please, please finish it! And not too curtly.

Comment by layla on 12/21/04
i love the story please dont let he become guy let him/her be lesbainwhen the next part

Comment by anonymousOne on 07/14/04
Dear Abby Roads (Rhodes),
This is a really great piece. The situation you describe has a matter of factness and casualness that says much about the culture surrounding the rock industry. You seem to be implying that gender is valueless, and doesn't matter in social scenes where morality takes a back seat (or has been thrown out of the car) by the quest for individual gratification. You communicate this particularily well through the TMB band members.  You have really set up the question of: "what does gender mean when nothing but g-squared (greed and gratification) mean anything?" i hope you take this to the limit. I look forward to you showing your readers a night of clubing with the upper echelons of rock.

Best -- anonymousOne

Comment by doesn't matter on 07/12/04
Please don't go too far. Its well written and engaging.

Comment by Moe on 07/12/04
Please can we have some more.  Love this story.  I am a sucker for a success story and a band just starting its climb to fame is a fantastic back drop to the transformed drummer.  Add the fact  that the girls are very apreciative of thier new drummer and things are definatly looking up.
Thank you

Comment by Pippa K. on 07/08/04
This story ROCKS, Babe!  Keep it coming!  Great characters, dialog, atmosphere and plot.  I just love it!

Comment by james Jesse on 07/08/04
Very enjoyable.

Comment by Francine on 07/08/04
Yes Abby  :)
Another great story!
Thank you

Comment by Eric on 07/08/04
Great writing -- looking forward to more.  Nicely over-the-top -- seems to me you're doing an outstanding job of staying just short of self-satire without falling over the edge.

Comment by Sissi Ricki on 06/22/04
Another great story, arn't they all? Pleasewrite more often!XOXO Sissi Ricki

Comment by Early June on 06/13/04
Dear Abby: Nice story. Good narrative, with an easy to read technique. Action so far was predictable, but all kinds of adventure are promised with this opening.  I hope you can provide the next chapter, soon.

Comment by Janey on 05/26/04
Excellant story,  very discriptive.  The buildup is great, hope to see the next part soon.  I want to know what will happen when a guy hits on her.  Need to involve the bass player more though.    

Comment by graystone on 05/21/04
good story so far, now please finish it. Mac/alaysa musat have some experiences as a lady

Comment by Paula on 05/20/04
It's nice to read something with humour and intelligence, more please

Comment by Rose on 05/20/04
Great story and likedth build up. Please bring on the next part if there is one.

Comment by Angel O'Hare on 05/20/04
Nice story with few mistakes! Just didn't like where you ended it. Was hoping for more of a cliff hanger, like just before the audition began.

Still, a great story line and looking forward for more.


Comment by Paula on 05/20/04
enjoyable little story that kept my interest from start to finish.

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