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by Brian Houlihan

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Comment by Trix on 12/14/11
Your story was rellay informative, thanks!

Comment by Silvia on 05/14/11

Comment by Yo-Yo on 10/01/05
I enjoyed this story very much!! Hope to read more of this author's work.

Comment by Pippa K. on 12/15/04
My first concern is why is the author's address and phone posted after the story?  Is this intentional, and if so, by whom and to what end?  Would hate to see Storysite used as a weapon...
As to the story, it really wasn't my cup of tea, although it was written well enough.  It does make me long for some kind of way of categorizing stories better, so that we can find things that appeal to our individual sexuality and sensuality.  The range of fiction, attraction, and fetish here on Storysite can be truly breathtaking.  I personally enjoy a wide range of material here, from the "sweet/sentimental" stories, to the harder dom/sub stories, as long as the dom is not actually evil.  I mostly seem to enjoy stories with girl-girl or girl-boy action.  I usually don't find boy-boy action equally enticing.  I'm fairly open-minded, and have found myself surprised every now and again by some rare story, but everybody is different.  I have no idea how such a system would work, or if it could work, but I would very much like it if there was a way to label these stories as to gender-on-gender content.

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