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Fantasy in Curls
by Ashley Eggers

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Comment by Silvia. on 10/23/10
Again a bad story.

Comment by mike on 04/28/09
loved part one and two.what would unfold in part three.we wait anxiously.girlfriend is so sexy and strong.more more more.

Comment by jenny on 11/05/08
wonderful story.the subtle moves by his gf to ensnare him into the wonderful world of feminity.we await chapter three.

Comment by juliej on 11/09/07
great start to this story part3 please

Comment by juliej on 04/28/07
a brilliant start to this story a way of tricking her man until he was secured to the bed this must contiue and iwould be delighted to read how much more she does very devoiusly then i twist in the tale at hte end would be great well done brilliant story more please asap

Comment by WANNABEGINGER on 10/09/06
It's now 3 years since you wrote this intriguing story start-up..... whatever would have happened next????   Do please come back with more.......  Colour next time?   Make-up maybe?    Wonderful possibilities!

Comment by Amanda on 05/08/06
I regularly read both stories and i would love there to be further espisodes. Please Ashley add at least one further story

Comment by juliej on 02/09/06
had to reread part one as it had been a long time since i read&commented on it the 2nd part is just as great getting more exciting iwonder if this is onlta prelude to what may happen in part 3 well done great story

Comment by julie on 03/31/04
next episode as soon as possible please

Comment by julie on 03/04/04
brilliant start to the story cant wait for the next part please do it asap dont keep us in suspence for long

Comment by amanda on 11/28/03
can't wait for the next instalment when can we expect it

Comment by Julie Shaw on 10/08/03
Great beginning!  Lots of ways for it to go - nice elemenmt of mystery involved.  Let's see Part 2 !!!


Comment by Rose on 10/08/03
Great first part, please bring on the next.

Comment by sarajane on 10/08/03
I like the element of mystery, not sure what is coming next and when.  Teasing the reader - delaying the moments when elements of femme dressing start - is delicious..!

Comment by Jan on 10/08/03
Wonderful start.. keep it going. Huggs, Jan

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