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by Abby Rhodes

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Comment by Leia on 02/02/18
I loved this story, just needed something to get through the night. WoW, thx. I will visualuze Angie and Judy for a few days:-))).

Comment by Angie on 04/14/15
Nice story, Abby.  The story had a ring of authenticity - as if it actually happened (well, everything but the casino jackpot - like that's going to happen).  There was sex in the story, but not graphic and crass.  You did a great job of getting into the feelings and dynamics of being a crossdresser.  Also, you picked a great name for your main character;-)

Comment by Old and tired on 10/23/13
A very enjoyable story. No bondage, ridicule, or spite. Not even kinky sex. Just interesting and believable circumstances - not unlike life. One of the best I've read yet.

Comment by donna on 08/10/11
loved the story , hope you can do another like it, felt sad and happy reading it

Comment by Teri on 07/22/10

Wonderful story! Angie made the right decision. Hope to read more about her adventures with Judy.

Comment by Silvia. on 05/24/10
Hi Abby.
Simply a great story. I loved!

Comment by Susann Simms on 05/16/10
I just loved the story.  Well thought out and well written.  Impressed with  the real feelings of being a crossdresser.  Would like to see continuing adventures for Angie & Judy.

Comment by Jenn on 04/02/09
Wow, nicely done.  Very engaging.  I wish it was me!  

Comment by Dee on 11/05/08
I loved this story. It is so well written, the story line had everything necessary, the characters were so real, as was the enitre story. I felt so sad when it ended, I wish there was lots more story line. won't you please consider a sequel. I loved the fact that Ange was so brave and also so considerate. I adored Judy for her acceptance. thaks so much for your story!

Comment by Kevin on 09/27/08
WOW....that was a fabulous read....I realy enjoy your stories. I absolutely love stories like this. Keep up the good work:)

Comment by Johnny B. Goode on 04/13/08
Great story Abby, and I look forward to reading more of your work!

Comment by Chris on 06/30/07
I loved your story. I think its the best one I've read on here. Keep up the awesome works of litature.

Comment by (AJ) Eric on 02/21/06
Very enjoyable, up to Abby's usual high standards.  It's over the top, but most agreeably so.  Really nice job describing Nicole and her background such that Felix doesn't come off as a complete cad.


Comment by mimi uu on 02/18/06
Great story!

Comment by Another Brian on 02/18/06
Wow! Great story! This could have us raving even more if there was a sequel. This happens eveytime I read a story with interesting characters I want to know more about them. Great idea; well told
Thanks Another Brian

Comment by Sophie on 02/16/06
Great, I'd love your story fire. It makes me cry.
a french CD
lots of love

Comment by Eileen Jeanne Edwards on 02/15/06
Hi Abby... You've done it again! I just love your stories and especially your writing. But, as I've read some of your faithful fan's readers... will you try to get Angie's family together???
And there is one more thing that is puzzling me... She she knew that everyone assumed she was dead,why has not the detective, once he learned that Felix was alive, to continue his investigation????

Well, anyway.. I just love the way you keep us all hanging! LOL

Love ya

Comment by Pippa K. on 02/15/06
A definitely fun romp, enjoyable in every way!  While the story has clearly ended, and doesn't really need an extension, I must say that I'm quite smitten with these characters you've created, and particularly Angie.

Could we have her in a follow-up story some day?  She's my new favorite hero(ine).  As a matter of fact, I think I'd enjoy her in a whole string of stories...

Comment by Joni on 02/14/06
Wonderful story.

I hope you add to the story and it is not the end. there is so much you could write about with this story.

How will her family take that she is a big shot, and a WOMAN.

How does she handle the business? Does Labelle really come to like her as a woman and a person. What is the wedding like, who wears the dress? or do both of them. Will the family come for the wedding?

Will Nichole seek revenge?

My my you have just scatched the surface of a very large story if you want to continue it.

This is great, and a true love story. consider the continuation. Please!?!

Comment by Rose on 02/14/06
Hi Abby,
        What a great story. I hope that you will continue to write about Angie and Judy in there new life in Vagas.



Comment by Kristi Fitzpatrick on 02/14/06
Hi Abby:

  Another winner once again. Thank you so much for another story. This one is very mischeivous and in many ways over the top, but exceedingly fun. I have seen so many odd things in my life though it really isn't that unbelievable. There are many people that have trigger events that start their lives in a whole new direction. I guess I wish things went better with the parents, but it is your story. Not everything needs to be resolved in a story.

  Thank you so much Abby for sharing this wonderful story. I do recommend this highly.



Comment by chrisl on 02/14/06
Hi Abby,
       Great fun, about half way through I thought about the coincidences and fantastic luck, told the logical part of my brain to shut up and continued to thoroughly enjoy your story.
I hope your muse strikes again and we hear more about these lovable ladies.
Thank You and Hugs, Christine.  

Comment by Carolyn Renee on 02/13/06
Lovely, lovely story! I envy Angie her lover Judy as well as realization of her heart's desire!  Love and Kisses  Carolyn Renee

Comment by Andrea Foster on 02/10/06
This is a well-written story, and I enjoyed it very much. I'm always a sucker for stories with heroines who dress simply because they want to, and career women in smart business attire are a big plus too. All in all, this is a fantasy into which I found it very easy to enter.

Best wishes, Andrea.

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