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Good-Bye Robert
by Debra Lynn Messer

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Comment by crystal on 02/09/22
becoming a woman was the best thing ever i couldnt wait to get rid of the bat and balls

Comment by Regina on 03/19/09
I really enjoyed the story please write more I would love to read them.

Comment by juliej on 11/02/07
fast paced but interesting

Comment by julie on 07/25/06
i add to my previous comment its a good story a few spelling mistakes but interstinghe got what he wanted in the end

Comment by juliej on 05/24/04
the story was interesting again it seem that robert wante the whole thing it was a bit weak i would have liked some more forcing instead of it being so mild still his choice in the end

Comment by Pervette on 08/20/03
A nice story, but the motivation was weak. Why did the wife so
suddenly want to change Robert? It seemed to me that their open
marriage was perfectly satisfactory already. And why wasn't Robert
consulted about all this? Sure, he ended up loving it, but it
didn't sound like the kind of femdom marriage in which he wouldn't
be asked.
It's a pity that the surgery seems also to have removed all the
quotation marks from the story. :-) (And doesn't seem to have
removed the typos.) And do you really want to call it the "love
canal"? Makes me think of all that chemical pollution in upstate
New York....
In spite of all that, I really did enjoy the story, & I look
forward to reading more of your work.

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