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by Hebe Dotson

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Comment by Kristi Fitzpatrick on 11/17/05

  This is a wonderful story though a few sequels would be nice. I realy like the angle of two brothers. Thoroughly enjoyable, cute but could use some elaboration. I am reading all your stories and am really very pleased. I am afraid I found your name on No Half Measures as an editor supreme. Still I found your name. Thanks.



Comment by me on 11/10/05

Comment by Barbara Lynn Terry on 03/17/03
A souvinir from Tammy....great! Now this should be continued. Tammy has to pick up her skirt....then there should be a few more going to the mall, Pizza Heaven, again....maybe even a movie. Then, after the movie they should go out again, this time coming home to find both their parents and Mandy home....explanations would then be in order and Tammy would be caught with consequnces....but after Tammy explains to her parents that this is who she is....they all support her and get her a therapsit that is an expert in gender dysphoria. Sorry CDs, I understand where this is all the author has to do is write it.

Barbara Lynn Terry

Comment by Victoria Andreína on 02/18/03
Another excellent story, thank you very much.

Comment by Alana1960 on 02/17/03
One of the most realistic CD stories I've ever read.  
No sex or humiliation either. It works! A sequel is needed.
I am sure these two can have more outing/trips/fun.

I like the support one brother gave the other. Really a charming tale.
Thank You.


Comment by Rachelle on 02/13/03
I love all your stories and am delighted to find yet another to add to my list of favorites. Warm, witty and good-hearted - this is CDing as I know and love it, without the cruelty or abuse, yet with just enough danger to ring true. (The high standard of writing doesn't hurt either.) I could say more, but most of it would simply be a rehash of what others have said. (I also like your fan-base.) Please keep them coming!

Comment by MickeyD on 02/12/03
Very cute and lots of fun. Sort of like Tammy herself!

Comment by Andrea Foster on 02/12/03
I really liked this story. It's well written, and different from the usual run of TG stories in several positive ways.

First of all, we have a pair of siblings who obviously care for and support each other, instead of pursuing slavery, humiliation, blackmail etc. Unusually, it's a brother who is understanding and supportive of his brother's cross-dressing, rather than a sister.

The whole story has a good realistic feel, and it's always nice to see a story where the cross-dresser dresses simply because he wants to. No forcing, blackmail, or credulity-straining elaborate schemes to "make" the boy become a girl.

Great job!

Best wishes, Andrea.

Comment by Pervette on 02/12/03
I don't know, Jezzi, you always make my own comments redundant!  I
loved this story for its upbeat tone.  The scene on the bus coming
back home was priceless, as was the finale with the parents &
sister.  Really a triumph of a tale.  One thing, though: I think
this is perfect as a self-contained story & don't agree with
Jezzi's suggestions for sequels.


Comment by Jezzi Belle Stewart on 02/12/03
This was one of the most realistic CD stories I've read.  No sex, no cruelty or humiliation, just a touch of humor and a very possible story of a "girl's" first time out.  Thank you, Hebe; I'd like to read more exploits of Paul and Tammy - "Tammy II: The Wrath of Amanda" perhaps, followed by "Paul III: The Search for Fiona" ????

Comment by emmie dee on 02/12/03
A lovely, warm story--many thanks for sharing it! I felt like I really got to know and to like the two brothers.

Comment by Briar on 02/12/03
So refreshing to read a good,honest tale, without sick, cruel stuff in it, but with good characteriszation, humour, and tense situations.

Thanks for sharing it with us, Hebe, you are a Schatz.


Comment by sticky on 02/12/03
Another funny, believable and well-written story from this writer. Thanks. It's lovely to read a story by someone who cares about spelling and grammar, btw.

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