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by Donna Williams

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Comment by Silvia on 07/10/15

Comment by juliej on 08/08/06
an intersting story but far from complete

Comment by Amanda on 09/01/04
WOW! what a hot little story really well thought out story line can even put myself into the position of the husband, Not many stories do that, but that was awesome. Keep up the good work.

Comment by SassySue on 07/25/04
Since Vicky said it all so well, I just wanted to say please continue this hot and sexy story.

Keep up the good work.


Comment by Vickie on 07/18/04
Donna, a wonderful story! I'm deeply envious and grateful that you found such clear, logical ways to develop what are some of my favorite motifs, with a narrator who is herself carefully deliberate as she explores inexorably how to give her husband what he wants despite her own deepest desires and his own inability to think through what he's asking of her.  

Yes, continue, please, if you can maintain the logical probabilities, hubby sinking deeper into the consequences of his own submissive desires, wifey exploring the liberation his desires -- and her anger about them -- allow her. What else can she attempt to return him to his senses, to the modest monogamy she'd originally preferred?  The mind boggles! I hope not your mind however.

Congratulations.  A near-perfect fable!


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