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Hypnotized Into Wearing Dresses
by Alana

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Comment by thisisme on 05/31/13
Contrary to popular belief some people deserve to be hit. She deserved to be hit. I find her rants in the dear john letter extremely ironic considering she was guilty of everything she took offense at him for. What a bitch!

Comment by DOBERINCA on 06/16/12
The story started OK - I was attracted to it. But the behavior of his wife is so utterly stupid, I would have divorced right away!
The guys who made a fool of him - I would have given them a beating.

Worthless story - stupid end.

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Comment by mike aka Adraine on 07/11/11
I'm still in shock ,I've read quite a few of these stories and while the story is very well written probably to well written the cruelness on the part of the wife is right along side with what I would expect from Vicky Tern. While I personably would love to wear dresses every day ,that's me , for a straight guy with no CD tendenicies I would imgaine that it would be enough to make them crazy and very suicidal and while I suspend reality while reading these stories this one is very cruel , in retrospect the husband could have gone into a good hynothergist to try and figure out a way out , but like agood story it's to good toseehow things resolve themselves in the heat of the story and getcaught up in the emotions of the story so good job on the story you did your job well ,the wife still deserves to charged with cruelity to a married parnter or at least manslaugther with negigelance ( sorry about the spelling my secretary usually tpyes) take care Adraine aka mike

Comment by Silvia. on 05/25/10
Danielle Richards is right!
You paint women as monsters!
I think you don't like men nor women!
Bad story.

Comment by Cathy Angela Davis on 07/06/08
that was the cruelest story i ever read it was the wife to blame one thing is to feminize the man the other thing is to do what the wife did in this i do not believe in hitting he was wrong but justify at the same time, she should of helped him find some one there is always a mentor of the hypnotist that could of helped.

Comment by Dianna on 03/16/08
Hun, I think the general consensus is that while your writing skills are amazing, we are clamoring for justice. He was murdered for pity's sake, murdered and branded as abusive when he was the victim.

Would it be too much to ask for an epilogue that deals with the wife's discovery that she murdered her husband?

Comment by Danielle Richards on 11/11/05
     I have read stories by some real man haters like Vicky Tern etc. You however have gone that extra mile and taken hatred to despicable lengths. I would think that your kind of punishment would be appropriate for a rapist, but your man was a good man. I cannot think of any reason for what you did to him. You must have some serious issues to hate that deeply. Just out of curiosity do you hate women as well? You sure made sure that your readers would not look favorably upon the Ladies. Why someone might even go out and get even for your poor unsuspecting victim. Do you have awfull nightmares at night? God knows you should!

  I'm sorry but your story greatly upset me as you have painted us women as monsters..

  Hopefully your next story will at least offer some hope for your victims.


Comment by Sephiroth on 03/10/05
THIS IS A REALLY GOO STORY.KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!I loved the ending and she deserved to get her face in the cake. This story inspired me to work harder and to be carful when it comes to hynotizing and taking pills that will keep me hynotized forever.I would picture myself as the man and having to dress up and be humiliated every day. I would have cracked in a day or so.The ending put me in tears and made me happy that his general wold not have to worry about his son and that he died an honerable death.I would have killed my self after a week. KEEP IT UP, I CAN'T WAIT TO HEAR THE NEXT STORY U COME OUT WITH IF U CREATE ANY!?

Comment by julie j on 02/11/05
this was a great story it was also very wicked when his wife had him hynotyised she shouyld have requested asn escape route just in case trhe worst happened after all that time in dresses &losing his job with only a months severeance pay that was very evil i think that the only decent thing was when his father visited and found his sone wearing prpoer clothes ewven though it killed him what a way to go the story was well written and brilliant well done

Comment by Vivien on 11/06/04
It was well written, but I stayed kind of angry through the whole story and yet I still read it! Just goes to show a person what a good writer can do!  I was really hoping that Carl would get even with his wife. I guess the good guys can't always win!  You have good form Alana, keep up the good work!

Comment by Michelle (a.k.a.) on 07/01/04
A nice story, loved all the references to the outfits and their detailed descriptions.  Way to go.  You brought to life a man in a dress, a situation that could have been dealt with if he chose acceptence.  He could have had it all.

Comment by Rachel Rae on 04/27/04
Good story line but what does one do with a 250 lb. gorilla who has a dress on.  I love the Las Vegas showgirl type girl, costumed and all, no mustaches or beards, no cigars, you know what I'm sayin'?  But write some more and I'll read everyone of them because they are well-written and interesting.

Comment by Louisa on 05/21/03
A cracking good story. Well written and unusual. The wife turns out to be a monster and the husband hates his dresses to the bitter end. In the interests of justice, I would have liked a different ending with the husband surviving and the wife getting her come-uppance in some way.

But an excellent read. Look forward to more stories by this author.

Comment by PATRICIA on 05/17/03

Comment by Axanar on 05/16/03
Good story, and a different angle,and not totally unthinkable. A guy fighting this would probably stress himself to death. The wife deserves to burn in hell.  The only thing I would have enjoyed was an epilogue that described the horrible fate she met.  I hate stories about torture, but the wife in this story would have deserved it.

Comment by Paula on 05/16/03
I agree with anyone else after finishing this. The wife was a real monster. Mostly in part 3. She seem to enjoy increasing his suffering to the point death was the only answer.  What kind of love one does that?  The story itself was indeed well written but as far as force fem stoires go this one passed the line a bit with the wife personality taking a 180.

Comment by Alyssa Davis on 05/16/03
In spite of all the other comments, I think the story is well written.  It's so refreshing to find a story of a man being coerced into crossdressing and not actually enjoying fact, hating it.  All too often, our male subjects try it and discover a new joy.
You could've gone anywhere with the plot.

Yes, the wife got carried away with her joke and it snowballed into destroying both of them.  She has to live with her conscience.
Never mind the technicalities, it's a clever concept.  Well done!

Comment by Valentina Michelle Smith on 05/16/03
I was disappointed with this story.  It was well-written and a bit more plausible than many forced-femininity tales, but the wife comes off as an incredibly insensitive monster.  She forces her husband into a situation where he is humiliated on a daily basis and eventually fired, and yet she feels justified in denigrating him.  How dare she call him abusive?  The wrong person died at the end of this yarn.  He was murdered.  His killer remains unpunished.
Alana, you are a talented writer, but your story lacks a certain basic humanity.  Justice is blind and often bloody, but her scales always balance.  You have left them skewed, and this is a shame.  It has ruined an otherwise fine story.
I hope you keep writing, because you do have a talent for storytelling.  But please put a little humanity and basic justice into your tales.

Comment by linzi_lovsitt on 05/16/03
april fools joke? what woman after having her fun would watch her husband lose every thing she was lucky he only stuck her head in the cake i am agreat fan of hypnosis stories and think the subject is facinating but who can tell not my type of ending part four could be from the grave she gets her cummupance evey guy she dates has to wear a dress  as he controls them as a  spirit she eventually commits suicide and tells all.

Comment by Jane Hudson on 05/16/03
Love the story ,but the wife was a bitch my dear.Hope she felt guilty when she found out he died.Keep up the good work

Comment by jasmine on 05/16/03
i second what fox said that story was plain cruel and mean  that hypnotitst should have given the wife some way to reverse the proceses at the very least . gloria was a mean spirited woman for pulling that stuff on him  the story started out fine then went downhill especially when she had the kid come over of all things.  i am sad for the end but atleast he passed on with some dignity..

Comment by Paula on 05/16/03
I only got to read a little of part once when I have suddenly realize the time and got to head off to work. I though the start of it was funny and a bit enjoyable though I don't care for the main person to be force and if what I read in the other comment review is true I certainly don't like the main character tourtured.  But I would like to add the possitive comment that the story itself was well written and hypnotizing/ brain washing is a classic idea.

Comment by Fox on 05/16/03
If you want an honest opinion, I don't like the ideas in the story.  The main character seems to be tortured and dies a nasty death while the wife throughout the entire incident seems to be making fun of the incident that she caused without any guilt at all.  If you ask me the story is very sadistic which kind of kills the fun in it.  Other than that it's well written.

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