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I Love Thigh Boots
by Rachael

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Comment by Carol on 02/10/17
While I have never really enjoyed transformation stories, this series of Mistress Sue and Rachel warmed me.  I liked that Mistress Sue was a kind and gentle dominant.  I also liked that she gave Rachel the opportunity to be the dominant one, but I was appalled that Rachel took the d/s to extremes.  It has apparently been years since you wrote, but if you have more stories on another site, I would appreciate knowning where.  Of course, you may continue with this one.

Comment by Luella on 12/13/11
This makes everything so copmleetly painless.

Comment by Silvia. on 09/05/11
Disgusting an sickly.

Comment by GYPSE on 04/28/10

Comment by Debilyn on 10/17/07
Although I don't like domination stories at all, this reminds me of the time when I was a teen, also in the late 60s, when I saw the most fabulous thigh-boot ensemble ever...on an episode of the ABC-TV series "It Takes a Thief". The male protagonist drafted a female convict to impersonate a wealthy young socialite named "Sydnor" in order to catch a crook.  For her role, the girl sported fashionable (for that era) short hair; long, long, long boots (extending almost to panty level) and the most incredibly tight micro-micro-miniskirt in history (at only about panty level).  No trousers needed with that outfit, I dare say.

Comment by mel on 04/13/07
ultra hot,a wonderful story|

Comment by Liz on 07/03/03
Hey, great third part, glad to see you're back, keep up the great writing and hope to see more soon.

Comment by Liz on 05/26/03
Hey Rachel, Great stories, loving it so far, i hope you can write some more soon, maybe play out more fantasies. :)

Keep up the great work and hope to see more soon.


Comment by Dawna on 05/25/03
Another lovely chapter - even better than the first.  I liked that he stayed conscious during the transformation this time and got to enjoy the delicious sensations of being feminized.  The concept of a different personality - hair etc. with each different set of boots opens up endless possibilities for continuing this lovely saga.  Hints of "delights" yet to come with the hints of males using his pussy etc.  Keep those stories "cumming"

Comment by julie on 05/03/03
an excellent start to the story i feel it is goingto get a lot better and i look foreward to reading the next part i would also like to see a lot more into the story how about some enforced bondage and after the honymoon period when he has moved in to find his room was a cage down in her cellar along with a whole lot of other bondage equipment and with her being a lot more force full and then showing her true colours and hime just being treated like a slave with a slave collar etc

Comment by Dawna on 05/02/03
Lovely story - very erotic.  Please continue.  I would definitely concur with Loraine's comments.  So nice to have a lovely competent "in charge" woman who feminizes the male without inflicting pain, torture or degradation.

Comment by Lorraine on 04/30/03
Ooh....Very Nice! I wish I could see even more stories like this one,with the firm & self-confident woman taking control of the sweet,shy,giving male.....downplay the more violent aspects & focus more on the love an admiring,tender man has for the strong role-model woman he wishes he could be.Wonderful! More stories like this please.....

Comment by number nine on 04/29/03
A fun, well written wish-fulfillment story.  Please continued the story if so inspired.

Comment by Monica on 04/29/03
I really enjoyed your story. It was a fun read and I will be looking for more. Thanks for the effort.-monica

Comment by Jason on 04/29/03
I really enjoyed your story, but I would like to see more excitment.  I know it is your story but I would like to see something like... Rachel gets used as a slut and is sold for nights at a time to men, or Rachel is abandoned because Sue gets angry... something that adds a wild twist to the story.  Other than this i really like the story.

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