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Jade Box : Mum's The Word
by Genni Smith

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Comment by Elizabeth Cathryn Mystery on 10/20/23
For me this one was a struggle for part one.  The Jade Box was off from the start.  I found the interaction between the initial players was hard work.  The story was Ok but no blistering like The Jade Box was but still a good story.

It was good to see Stuart and Jade turn up in this story.

Now, I was thinking what may Genni had been thinking to take this forward and I came up with these few things seeing how the Jade Box panned out.

I was surprised Cassie never asked  Ally what her special names are for her so she could start using them.

The plot seems to have Meg in it some how but I felt it was good that Cassie was starting to have lunch with her.  I knew Meg would start to respond to Cassie when she started to talk to her.

One, I see Josh and Cassie will get to close like Amy and Danny did.

Two, did Meg have anything to do with Jamie Sunderland seeing we never did get to look as to why she was in recover with a trauma to the brain and what caused it?

Three, if Cassie is to go back to her former self what are the tasks he may need to fulfil them?  Possibly for Ally to say Cassie ‘is’ her mother.  Help Meg with whatever she needs, possibly finding out why she tried to pass a brick when that police officer turned up.  Possibly reconcile with her Ex husband seeing Lachlan said he had no girl friends since they divorced. And what was the deep reasons for the divorce?

It’s a shame we will never know.  The thing is I would not want another author to finish the story as all the ones I have read or those that produced, sequels never read the same.  They were just too different in style.

Comment by suba bob on 11/27/16
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Comment by Jo on 10/29/12
It's sad to find out this is where the story ends and will never be finished by the original author as Genni passed more than 9 years ago now(Jan 2003). I enjoyed her writing style and being a fellow Aussie, the "lingo" is familiar. RIP Genni

Comment by henry africa on 06/24/12
The company i own is called Africa Publishing Company. I publshed my 1st book in 2009 and while surfing the net came across storysite. I have read and learnt much from the different authors. Some authors are average but some are supreme talents. Genni Smith deserves to be remembered as a supreme talent. Her work will be continued by Lesleyanne Masters if the company is granted permission to do so and if there is enough positive response to the idea of doing so. I am watching to see the response from you, the readers who loved reading her stories, before we appoint a writing team that will write in the style of Genni Smith under the name of Lesleyanne Masters. All profits will go into a trustfund to support sick or struggling authors who have served storysite by writing 2 or more books.. Ur comments will help me to finish this task...

Comment by buy cheap oem software on 02/12/12
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Comment by TC on 03/25/07
This is one of the better stories I have read and it saddens me greatly that it will never be finished, since Genni passed away in January 2003.

Comment by John Morrison on 02/09/07
Good story there!  Unfortunately, you cut off in the middle of several suspenseful situations that need to be resolved!  Any chance you'll finish the story?

Comment by Julia's Child on 05/16/05
Genni, Love your stories. Well written, good characters more than just transformation. Pleeeeeeeeze finish this one.


Comment by Kristi Fitzpatrick on 02/10/05
Hi Genni:

  Love this story!! Please finish it. I was pretty upset seeing it is not fininished as you write beautifully and weave an intense story. I feel myself getting tense and worked up reading about Cassie and how everything is going to work out, hopefully. Please let us know.



Comment by MJ on 01/31/03
I can't wait for the next's been a long time since I've read the first episode, and I went through all the others in one sitting.

Comment by Leigh Taylor on 05/18/02
Hi Genni,

I just wanted to say how much I've enjoyed this story.  You are wonderful in your construction of dialogue and the story flows effortlessly.  You also have quite a knack for humor.  Please keep writing as you appear to be a breath of fresh air in TG fiction.  I'm eagerly awaiting the next installment.

Comment by Mr.Man on 04/22/02
Can lightning strike twice???

I think it can.

I'm sure anyone reading this has already read the first Jade Box, and if they have read it, I can also safely assume they've enjoyed it. Because face it folks, Jade Box is a true classic, one of those rarest of gems, a magical story that indeed has the magic.

The next installment has started off promisingly enough, complete with the good dialogue and clever style that we've all come to enjoy and expect from a Genni Smith story. The characters are developed nicely, and the tone of this story appears to be more of a serious nature.

We're only given a small taste of things to come, but I for one am looking forward to reading more. I'm not sure what's going to happen in this new story. I only know that it has great potential. For now, I'll just have to take Mamma Chow at her word when she said that we will be in for interesting times.

Can lightning strike twice???

I think it can.


Comment by Lisa Wange on 04/21/02
Oue ee I want that jade box. I'm waiting for the next part with intense desire.


Comment by Prue on 04/20/02
I concur Julia, Genni has talent and is able to draw in the reader until they are trapped in her web lol. i'm now a jade box junkie. lol huggles from prue

Comment by Julia Manchester on 04/20/02
Genni is a master of moving a story along with her wonderful dialogue, and her latest is no exception.  She combines a sharp wit with very human characters to weave another great story.  Anyone who liked Jade Box will love Mum's The Word.  Guaranteed!

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