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Kate's Christmas Surprise
by Kate Lingerie

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Comment by pron best on 05/13/17
Rbr131 This excellent website really has all the information and facts I wanted about this subject and didn at know who to ask.

Comment by Overwhelmed on 02/16/14
That story was absolutely superb.
I wish that Kate Lingerie had written more about these two. I would love to know what happened for the rest of the evening and where it all led for Kate.

Comment by Sharon on 09/11/13
I love these stories.To be dressed in lingerai is so beautiful.

Comment by james on 06/05/13
Here's a couple that is truly in love. They will try some different things but always keep in mind what will excite the other. Refreshing to see couples reach out to one another like this.

Comment by iris on 06/18/12
that story was awesome.  very well written and erotic. i wish i was Kate.

Comment by Rona on 12/28/11
Wish I had got those presents for christmas

Comment by Andi on 04/13/11
It is a great story!  I am ready for that myself!  Always looking for that assertive aggressive woman!

Comment by patty on 03/16/10
I hope that the development continues and our new girl get to know the joy of complete womanhood

Comment by PippaD on 06/21/09
You're my kind of girl Kate

Comment by Abby on 06/05/09
Now this is a Christmas we all could enjoy!

Comment by mcm on 03/08/09
Absolutely a wonderful story.  Please give us the next installment.  I am addicted to your style and imagination.

Comment by Jeanette Student on 09/22/08
Wow I look forward to more adventures

Comment by jack on 09/19/08
That is one fantastic story, if only I could swap places with you. The thought of being dressed by a wonderful willing partner is someting I have dreamed of. I don't think I could last as long before I had my climax though! Can I please join you or find a lady who would do this for me. I look forward to the continuation of this story and wharever fun will continue.

Comment by Gary on 09/18/08
Lovely sensual and truly erotic story. Hope to see the next installment soon!

Comment by Kendra on 08/09/08
Kate when are you going to tell us about the rest of the night and the visit to your best friends house

Comment by Jennifer on 11/28/07
When is the next installment????? How long will we be kept in suspense? Could the next chapter be OUR Christmas surprise?

Comment by dee on 10/03/07

Comment by juliej on 08/18/07
great start when is the next part comming please do not keep us in suspence to long

Comment by cindi247 on 05/03/07

Kate. you tease.  What a wonderful but incomplete fantasy.  You are terrible to make us wait so long, dearest.

A candle in the window so you next chapter can find its way home.

Comment by Michelle Stevens on 03/12/07
Can't wait for the follow up Hot Hot Hot

Comment by Chrissie on 06/12/06
Almost identicle to what happened to me last year, but i was transformed by my mother in law on my birthday while my wife was out clubbing.
a lovely story but where is the next one you promised us?
                        love to all Chrissie

Comment by juliej on 05/12/06
a great start to what reads like a good story it would be great for a sting in the tail welldone

Comment by MIke G on 12/22/05
When can we expect the next story?

Comment by Dale Robbin on 08/07/05
Among the best stories on any site. When can we expect more?

Comment by Mandee on 03/06/05
Lovely tale dear.  Where or where are all the lovely women like Julia?
Oh for a woman who can truly put her feminine mate in his proper clothing and place in her house to serve her always.
Thank you for writing it and I look forward to any continuation.

Comment by Mandee on 03/06/05
Lovely tale dear.  Where or where are all the lovely women like Julia?
Oh for a woman who can truly put her feminine mate in his proper clothing and place in her house to serve her always.
Thank you for writing it and I look forward to any continutation.

Comment by Sheryl S. on 11/05/04
More!  More! More!  Please send more.  This is magnificent.  More, please.  More!

Love & hugs,

Comment by SassySue on 09/15/04
I agree with all the other commentators.  This is a wonderfully entertaining sensual story that most readers would fervently wish could happen to them in real life.

Keep up the good work!


Comment by Joan on 09/12/04
A wonderful story.  Please write more.

Comment by Michelle on 09/11/04
Great story, can't wait to read what happens next.  We should all have such a Merry Christmas.

Comment by tammy on 09/09/04
This was an awesome story!  Wow...the entire story was captivating, sensual, and tastefully done.

Comment by Bobbie on 09/09/04
What a wonderfull story. Mike (Kate) has no idea how lucky he is in
this story.  The truth be know probably very few of the majority who
read this story who will be fortunate enough to have a Julia.
On the other hand think of those who do read the story will be in
their minds Kate.  The continuing saga of Kate should be very interesting indeed.  
Please fill in our imaginations which are usually good but much more fulfilling with the written word.  Many may be able to have this type of experience but it will usually be a business type of transaction. Instructions or ideas to follow always help.

Comment by Mike G. on 09/08/04
Great story.  Keep it up.

Comment by Annabel on 09/08/04
Dear Kate
Thank you for your sexy and beautifully written story.
I am looking forward to future chapters.  There are many ways this plot can develop and I will be interested to read your ideas.
Hugs, Annabel

Comment by Carolyn Renee on 09/08/04
Lovely, lovely story. I wish that I were Kate and look forward to more adventures! Love & Kisses

Comment by Steve on 09/08/04
Very hot,I wish my wife would do that to me.

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