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Kerry's Pride
by Kerry Mahs

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Comment by Kerry Mahs on 07/15/10
You are much like Jenny, you don't bother to read what you criticize...sort of like the people who oppose Arizona's immigration law but haven't bothered to read it.

Comment by Kerry Mahs on 07/15/10
People like you irritate me. Had you bothered to read the story, you will not find  anywhere that I mention I'm a pre-op TV. Just the opposite, I talk at fair length about the joy of being able to switch back and forth.

Comment by deana on 11/24/09
good story. made me cum.

Comment by Jimmy on 05/19/06

I agree with Jenny in a way.  I think the problem is that you are confused with the terminology.  Please do a bit of research into transvestitism, transsexualism, and cross dressing.  Then come back and rewrite your story.


Comment by Mary Kay on 05/05/06
I thought that the story was very good and very sexy.  If you are into bondage and cross dressing and you don't mind some homosexual acts then you will enjoy this story.  I hope that you write more.

Comment by Jenny on 05/02/06
I'm not even going to read the story because it proposes a pre-op TV
There ain't no such creature.
TS possibly - but a TV doesn't WANT an operation he's a guy who gets his rocks off wearing girlie stuff
BTW I'm a post op TS

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