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Kim's Tale
by Eva42

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Comment by washington dc cbd on 06/30/21
VC5qfw It as a very easy on the eyes which makes it much more enjoyable for me to

Comment by matzcrorkz on 08/05/14
KKwVNI I really liked your post.Really looking forward to read more. Keep writing.

Comment by woodmountman on 11/20/13
These daddies always have big cocks and you girls take it up the arse no bother.Doesn't your daddy like pussy. Is he an old hillbilly, yee hah.

Comment by Rone Welles on 12/09/09
  Well if this is true .... it is not a good storie ... more details are needed...
if this is fiction this is a good start but more substance and information are needed ...keep trying  good work    ,,, Rone

Comment by Yoron on 06/03/08
Seems to me as a lot of a***les are reading your story.
And if it's true I would kill that son of a gun.

I guess that's the only way the stigma will retreat.
At least put the cops on him.


Comment by christine01 on 01/11/08
it is interesting. we dont know much about how your life was before it ocured. it does seem to be very humiliating to you. im sorry if it was true, if it is why do you still go though it at 10

Comment by Emmy on 01/06/08
Dear Kim
  I am appalled that the other readers are so accepting and blase in the light of such a blatant tale of child sexual abuse and neglect.
If this is a true story,(G-d forbid), please let me know and I will call the police.  If it is not a true story- (although it appears to be)- please let us know that too.

Comment by Leah on 01/06/08
You became animated and very excited when you finally got to see what was in the package you received for your 14th birthday. Why? Just happy to get anything at all, or did you have a past that included wishing for such clothing?

As you present your story here in its ultra-abbreviated version, you come across to the reader as a mere statistic, because there is almost nothing here that helps you stand out as an individual -- not even a name other than in the title, certainly nothing of your inner thoughts during this five-year period.

Now is the time for action: You can write a follow-up that will make your readers better informed, or you can take advantage of the fact that you are officially an adult who is alone entitled to make all decisions regarding him/herself.

Comment by Angela E. on 01/05/08
Your father raped you pure and simple,and it's also incest.Just because we are girls doesn't give anyone the right to abuse us.I'm so sorry that what should have been a beautiful experience was forced on you by this drunken rapist.I hope things have gotten better for you,please tell us more of your story.  

Comment by Cherly on 01/05/08
Plase give us more of Kim;s Tale

Comment by Dani A on 01/04/08
Wow!!! What a lucky girl. I am sure that as the women you were to become, you took good care of Daddy, and all his Big needs. Luv Dani A/

Comment by GerriS on 01/04/08
I am so sorry that you had to experience something so fantastic in such a horrible way! I trust you have learned to be a lovely GirlBoy by now, and that you have experienced a lover other than your 'father' and that he showed you the adoration a little GirlBoy deserves!

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