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Lady Writer
by Abby Rhodes

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Comment by best pron on 12/20/18
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Comment by Kathryn Howard on 01/04/15
Hi Abby ,
        I have just come across your beautifully written story and have sat down over the last 2 days and read from front page to back page and have Loved every line that you have written . Every thing fell into place nicely and the whole story had such a sensuality to it . I wish I could have lived in such a wonderful world as You have described for us all to read about and even fantasize over . I like many others I expect would love to have a couple more chapters to read and see how everyone is getting along .

                Hugs     &      Kisses


Comment by link building on 10/26/13
xbzes1 Thanks so much for the article.Much thanks again. Keep writing.

Comment by Oldand tired on 10/18/13
This is one of the most enjoyable stories I've read because it is well written. And more importantly, it doesn't have such cruel or hateful leanings like in so many bondage stories. The story line seems much more credible and less fantasy related. Since it is now many years later, I won't expect any additional chapters, but your style is very appreciated.

Comment by best link build on 10/16/13
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Comment by online business on 09/12/13
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Comment by link building on 09/07/13
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Comment by trisha on 04/20/13
loved the many stories I've read of yours, and wanted many of those experiences for myself. Please continue your writing.

Comment by Leia on 11/24/12
I just finished reading the Lady Writer series,.. wonderful stuff,.. very heartwarming. I love the Fifi character most of all, but Anna and the bookstore owners are right up there too. I am more like Anna but would love to be Fifi ;-),..
Keep on writing hun, you are good, I could lose myself in the stories, always the mark of a good writer.
Bright Blessings for a prolithic future!!

Comment by Marci on 07/30/11
Dear Abby, ( Never thought I would ever write that phrase)
This site provides me with an overabundance of stories in a genre very dear to me.  Transvestism/transgenderism in all its facets and forms provides a needed outlet for me.  However, finding well written literature on the topic is difficult, at best.  This series is one of the best I have found here.  Thank you for contributing.  
The story is quite readable, the characters are more than two dimensional, and the storyline is believable in most of its aspects.  With the exception of the repetitive raping of our poor Fifi, the sex scenes are tastefully done but still highly erotic and satisfying.  There is a bit of over-the-top cheekiness in places, but it all fits into the story quite well.  Now all you need is a really wonderful surprise ending.  Keep up the good work.

Comment by Randall E Klontz on 03/29/11
Dear Abby,

In reading your stories, I have seen that there are many errors in your stories,  there are grammatical errors, wrong names being used, words left out.

I would like to offer my services as a proof reader, I would like to be paid for these services.

Sincerely yours,
Randall E Klontz

Comment by steve on 10/30/10
Since an early age i have been an avid reader of well written fiction. Since finding Storysite recently and spending many happy hours "escaping",today(30Nov10) i find your wonderful Lady Writer stories.Beautifully written if i may say so and please continue in your own distinct style. God Bless

Comment by Silvia. on 04/28/10
Please, continue!!!!!!!!!

Comment by DeeDee  Wilson on 06/06/09
I'm very pleased with your _Lady Writer_ story. I expect the rest to be equally good. Be well, and keep up the good work!

Comment by Debbie on 10/17/08
Oh My. I just finished reading your entire collection here at Crystals story site. I just found the site recently and couldn't resist the Beatles connection, so I started on your stories. I couldn't stop until I finished them all! I really love your style. I even enjoyed the dom stories even though Im not into that and I don't normally care for them. The sub was always treated with love and respect not with distaste and derision. I do hope you will continue to write here. I hope at some time that you will continue with your story of Victoria's school for girls. By the way I also am a Vickies addict, :-) and loving it! Thank you so much. Debbie

Comment by john on 05/07/08
loved this lot of stories - keep them coming.

Comment by Person on 09/20/07
You write with such confidence! There is a smooth almost carefree way you tell the story. It has me almost forgetting I'm reading a fiction and not listening to friends confide in one another.

Comment by antonia on 02/14/07
A truly wonderful story written in a stylish way and with very good grammar, which is important.  As with others I am anticipating at least another two parts with my tongue hanging out.  Six stars out of 5.

Comment by Heather on 08/04/06
I truely loved it.  I couldnt wait to read all 9 chapters but had to spread it out over 3 days.

Please dont leave us hanging for long as id love to see what happens at Christmas and of course i Paris giggle giggle.

Thank you

Comment by Gwen on 07/07/06
Just finished all nine!  Fantastic.  Loved every word.  Wanted to correct a few sentences/words here and there; I'm a stickler for spelling, correct tenses, commas, semi-colons, etc.  But for sheer reading enjoyment, these stories were great.  I hope you write more onto this story.   I've been trying some writing, but it's difficult.  I really appreciate those people who can write so well.  

Thanks for the experiences,

Comment by Gwen on 07/04/06
I read the first three installments in one sitting.  Too bad I started so late in the evening.  I don't know if I could have stood reading them all at once.  Breathtaking!  Super!  Fabulous!
I like the style; at times very soft and at other times quite lustful!  

Thanks for the read!

Comment by Janice on 12/31/05
You write beautifully!  I can hardly wait to read your next installment.  You speak to my heart and inspire my dreams.  I just love your work.

Comment by John Eversley on 12/27/05
A beautiful well developed story. Do I suspect that it may have a hint of being based on real life.  I hope there is some more to come. Keep up the good work Abby.

Comment by Linda B on 10/31/04
Just read 9, I had to go back and reread most of 8 just get caught back up on the finer details. Of coarse I loved it. You have left it so open for the possibility to go in so many directions. please, please don't keep us waiting too long. Every chapter I read makes me anxious for the next.

Comment by Jezzi Stewart on 10/27/04
after part 9:
A continuation of greatness!  comments:

1.)  <<  "Bear in mind that I was born in 1946 ..."  >>

OHmygawd!  Even louise is younger than me!

2.)  <<  "One thing I want to make clear is that I don't feel responsible for your break-up with Danielle. ..."  >>

What actual breakup?  The last thing Danielle said before she left  was "Call me when you make up your mind."  and then there was never a call mentioned.  Did Ryan/Anna just leave her hanging?  Doesn't sound like either him or her.  I would have been interested to see how he/she handled the call.

3.)  I think Anna needs to ask herself whether she would go the breast implant route if she didn't have the Ryan King responsibilities and could be Anna 24/7 for life.  I would think implants, not requiring hormones, would heighten rather than deminish male sexuality, and If one is going to live 24/7 as a female, I would think breast forms would be an unnecessary nuscience.  Having male primary sex organs and female secondary ones  would, I think, be sort of like being 150% sexual. (Having the whole SRS experience, like FiFi, would, on the other hand I think, actually bring one back to 100%.)  

Comment by fregen on 10/27/04

Wonderful!  Just Wonderful!!  I am so happy you have decided to continue (albeit sparingly!) with 'Lady Writer'.  

It's a terrific series and I eagerly look forward to Christmas in Alabama, and trips to Paris and Venice (a personal favorite place of mine.)

Thanks so much and let us know when you finish your novel so I can buy a copy!  :-)

Comment by Anna 2 on 10/25/04
Please, sweetie, don't keep us in suspense! We must know what happened! I'm soaking wet just reading it. I'm so envious of Anna!

Comment by excitedlooker on 09/30/04
I agree with many of the other comments.  I've just finished reading 1-8 and am ready and anxious to read chapter 9.

Comment by Paula Mortenson on 08/22/04
Just reread Lady writer. Great story and well written. When are we going to see the return or another story?


Comment by chip on 07/16/04
you are very talented.  Thank you for sharing our fantasy with us.  It is very beautiful in the content and context.  Something we all wish for as reallity.

Comment by Eileen Jeanne Edwards on 06/23/04
Hello Again...
Waiting for more! Love your stories!
hugs & kisses

Comment by Broni on 05/29/04

I love this series! I can't wait to see what develops between Anna and Fifi and how the relationship with Danielle gets resolved. Thanks so much, sweetie.


Comment by Liz on 05/24/04
This is the first time I have taken the time to post a comment; I WANT TO BE ANNA AND EXPERIENCE ALL OF HER EXPERIENCES. What more can I say! Please let me experience more of my "Dream Life".

Comment by A Brooklyn Reader on 05/10/04
Arrgghhh, a cliffhanger!  I just read parts 1 through 8 nonstop, and find myself panting for part 9 and beyond!  Simply marvelous.  The characters are wonderful and just keep getting better and better.  Please don't stop.  More!  More!

Comment by Sharlee Snyder on 04/21/04
Overjoyed to see you back.  You write an excellent tale.  Looking forward to "the rest of the story!"  Sharlee

Comment by Gabrielle Kenyon on 04/21/04
This was so fast and so furious. Rrowrrh!

There's a would where a wound would/should.  OK? Good.

Excellent as always.

Comment by Kristi Fitzpatrick on 04/20/04
Dear Abby:

   This latest installment is quite tense. I knew there could be serious tension between Fifi and Danielle but I was fooled as I didn't guess this! I love Anna's parents reactions and your writing in general. This is a phenomenal story. Please don't keep us waitng so long. Well executed and delightful. More so than most stories. Thanks



Comment by Sharlee Snyder on 03/17/04
Love your work!!!!!!!!!  Hope to see more soon--Sharlee

Comment by Broni on 01/18/04

This is a fabulous series! You actually write well, not just by comparison to other tgirl writers. I see there is one more story online. I can't wait to read it.
Thanks for sharing your talent with us.


Comment by Paula Mortenson on 12/16/03
Great story. Really strikes a chord for me. Keep going and thanks

Comment by MJ on 11/07/03
Woof!  Very far, anyway, the kind of crossdressing story I like, totally heteosexual.  Very well written, certainly much better than my own poor attempts.

Comment by Jezzi Stewart on 11/04/03
after part 7:
Damn, I was wrong again!  You are certainly an excellent author.  This time, I'll ask questions:  Who will it be for Ryan and Anna, the fully female FiFi or Danielle?  Will Ryan look into the Church of the Latter Day Saints?  Can't wait to meet Uncle Arthur; I'm sure I'll be bewitched, but I hope Louise doesn't look like Paul Lynnd  :-)

Comment by rhonda on 11/02/03
All in all, a wonderful story, a bit idyllic in terms of general acceptance of cross-dressers, and a little wordy in the beginning.  Once you got into chapter 5 though, the writing got more controlled and concise.  Please do continue to add to it, as I will be waiting anxiously for the next installation.  Rhonda

Comment by Steffi on 11/02/03
Very well executed story, one of the best I have read.
Thanks, very enjoyable characters and story mix for the genre.

Comment by Jezzi Stewart on 10/31/03
after part 6:
Very very nice story.  I like the contrast between Anna and Fifi.  Please don't have FiFi leave; I get a feeling she's getting those "three is a crowd" blues.

Comment by Joanna K. on 10/30/03
This just keeps getting better, be interesting to see what Fifi does with her inheritance!  

Comment by Zoe on 10/16/03
So Glad to see you've posted more chapters, can't wait to see what Fifi has to say!

this has been so much fun to read so far!

Comment by Gwen Brown on 10/15/03
Your writing style is very natural and believeable. Some time you must tell us what part is not true.


Comment by Gabrielle on 10/14/03
Another bra strap twister.  And quite never enough.  Kudos from near Ecole d'Militaire.
De Oppresso Liber,

Comment by Lee Matt on 09/18/03
I have read a lot of story's like your's and I know that you have put a lot of work into your story and it is a great story one of the best I have never wrote about a story before keep up the good work

Comment by bob aki on 08/30/03
WOW!What a great story. you are an excellent writer,ıyou've got me wanting to read more of it .ı
Hugs and kisses, ı

Comment by Happy Reader on 08/23/03
What an absolutely beautiful story of a man and woman falling in love on mutually acceptuable terms. Your writing is an inspiration for those of us who desire the same!

Comment by Jezzi Stewart on 08/20/03
Still a great story, but please resist the temptation to substitute sex for story.  I thought the greatly increased amount of sex in this episode rather detracted from the story line; I skimmed after the second sex session.

Comment by chrisl on 08/20/03
Hi Abby,
       Wow hot and steamy, great sex, definately my kind of porn. Oops erotic story telling lol.
Seriously, good characters a neat story and good one liners. Did I also mention great sex scenes?
Almost enough to stop a girl getting an outee changed into an ineee, nah not really, giggles.
Thanks for all the fun, Huggles,

Comment by Gabrielle on 08/20/03
      Very jealous, he is.  This little one, who enjoys your excellent writing. # 3 had a twist, or two.   Giving me many ideas, you are.  The gender farce is strong within you.  Stay away from the dark corset, it will seduce you away from the light (side of the fabric).
De Oppresso Liber,

Comment by Janice Summers on 07/31/03
A wonderful story because it has style, a real story line, and believeable characters. I can't wait for the next installment. Abby, you are an excellent writer; keep up the good work. Hugs and kisses, Janice.

Comment by Jezzi Stewart on 07/30/03
WOW!  What a great story.  Please continue and tell us about the dinner with Susan.  AND, let us know about the mysterious FiFi !

Comment by Carolyn Renee on 07/22/03
Sweet, sweet story line. Please continue soon. Love & Kisses
Carolyn Renee

Comment by Zoe on 07/21/03
Very nice start, you've got me wanting to read more of it

Comment by chrisl on 07/21/03
Hi Abby,
       I really enjoyed part one, lotsa fun and Ryan knows so many nice girls :) Hopefully his friends will like Anna's fashion sense.
Thanks and hugs,

Comment by Andrea Foster on 07/21/03
This is off to a good start, and I look forward eagerly to Part Two.

Comment by Linda Blair on 07/19/03
OK I'm hooked you definately left me wanting more. Please continue. I can't wait to continue the story.

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