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A Life-Changing Experience
by SandraB

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Comment by benson on 05/18/14
Hot! Hot! Hot!  Loved it.  Super sexy forced fem story.  No matter what Ravi and other negative Nellies may say, it is sweet that our girl finally gets to be true to who she really is.  Some of you who don't get it or don't like this type if story should keep your negative comments to yourself.

Comment by Ravi on 05/18/14
This is a stupid and pathetic story.

Comment by thisisme on 02/03/14
I agree this is not a sentimental story. His wife not only didn't any longer look at him as a man but, in spite of her claim to see him as a girlfriend, she also no longer saw him as a person. She lost all manner and courtesy toward him. It is obvious that she harbored animosity toward him and it played out in her treatment of him.

Comment by Silvia. on 05/13/12
Although I'm not a man, I agree tottaly with Moggicat64, with Marcus,
and this is not a sweet/sentimental story.
This is a stupid and pathetic story.
Very bad.

Comment by Michelle on 05/09/08
Loved it!  The "Forced Feminization from Wife" storyline is my favorite theme.  Your sex scenes are incredible.  I hope you will write more stories.  All of your stories are good, but this is the best in my opinion.

Comment by Me on 05/08/08
Too early in the morning for sh!tstix, so I stopped. When I saw the other comments, I was glad I did. There are already enough forced fem, "loving" wife turns on and cuckolds husband, hate-filled stories on the archives already. Don't need to read about someone blowing smoke out hir a$$ as well. Sh!tstick people... :/

Comment by SassySue on 06/04/07
Very hot, sexy story.  However, this plot line hits one of my pet peeves.  The hero(ine) starts out as a heterosexual crossdresser.  He even has gone to gay bars before dressed, but has never been attracted to men.  Yet, we are supposed to believe that the first time his wife makes him go on a date with a gay man he immediately ends up in lust and a full homosexual relationship.  That's just too much disbelief to suspend.

None-the-less I enjoyed the story up until then and as other reviewers have pointed out, the sex scenes were well done.  I look forward to reading more, believable stories from Sandra.



Comment by annie on 05/04/07
I could feel myself walking in those heels, and the exciting feel of a bra embracing breasts I wished I had.  Oh yes and the makeup.  

Your love scene was perfect with the delicate kissing and touching.  I can well imagine it would never be the same if it happened to me---lucky you, lucky guy.

lipstick kisses,  


Comment by moggicat64 on 05/02/07
if my wife did to me what she did to him,she wouldn't live very long and neither would the prick she was screwing

Comment by marcus on 04/27/07
I would suggest that the author has no concept of either what love is or what cross dressing is. This is the the same old stupid, pathetic husband and nasty selfish wife story under a misleading synopsis. Apart from that it is boring in the extreme.

Comment by Rose on 04/25/07
Hi Sandra,
         I loved the story and I hope that your will continue writing so that we can see Sandra emerge to her full potential.

Keep up the good work.



Comment by Annabelle B. on 04/24/07
   I'm a lover of the forced feminization XXX stories, but I found myself enjoying the story. I consider this to be a sweet sentimental story because of the way Gary wooed our "girl." I enjoyed the love making a lot though, very sweet and sensual. ***Stars


Comment by nicola on 04/23/07
Nice story glad you weren't worried about adding smoking too it.Looking forward too more please Thank you.

Comment by (AJ) Eric on 04/22/07
I'm with Suna.  This isn't what I look for under the "sweet/sentimental" heading.

Comment by suna on 04/22/07
a decently written tale with the average cliche's.

I do think that truth in advertising is necessary and there is little or nothing sweet/sentimental in this one.

Typical changing the man into a cuckolded un-loved non-partner is not sweet/sentimental in any fashion. No matter what the brainwashed man appears to think after the event.  

Comment by Tammi on 04/21/07
I liked the story.  The action did happen a little fast for me.  I hope Sondra gets her own boots for the next outing.

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