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Lipstick Lover
by Rachael

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Comment by BOBBIE BEAVER on 07/22/17

Comment by Candy on 06/12/12
Great story ...... i was reading and i got so hot i had to stop and put on my panty ,stocking with my 5 inch high heels to finish reading ... i wish something like this could happen to me :) keep to story cuming

Comment by Silvia. on 09/05/11
Disgusting and sickly.

Comment by Cd,Robin on 10/07/10
Great story can't wait for more Having the wish to transform myself I found it very satisfying

Comment by Kendra on 12/23/09
Great story! I especially like the idea of world domination - a touch of the James Bond movie here. Hope to read more in the future.

Comment by aletys on 10/29/09
Loved It! The sex wasn't bad either. Really liked the plan for domination of the male. They haven't been doing a great job. I read some of the other reader comments, the one about the man to little girl, not a bad idea. There are certain men I would love to see in Nicloes position. You have a winner here Sweetheart.
Love Ally!!!

Comment by Donald Smedberg on 11/21/07
Hi, Great story as I have a fetish about lipstick and what can be done with it.  Keep the story going.

Comment by Neill on 08/12/07
I loved the story.Please write more as i would love to find out what her big plan is.

Comment by Tina Marie on 03/19/07
The story was fantastic, I just wish that it was me being transformed into a women. thank you, and please keep the story going.

Comment by baby pebbles on 10/22/06
great story i wonder where the the story will go and who they will capture next?keep the good work. i'll be waiting........

Comment by Ingrid on 05/09/04
I liked the story Rachael. I would like to hear what happened toNatasha and Mistress Melanie's plan to 'capture' more mere males. What might they use them for? Could they start some kind of service for rich ladies or even for Middle East rich guys?
Write some more Thanks, Ingrid

Comment by Rachel Rae on 04/24/04
I liked the story from the very beginning because that's the way the girls in the girlie joints operate and it brought back many memories.  Further, some of them were doing lap dances even before somebody hung a name on it - I guess they can charge more if they called it lap dancing.  I never went home with a dancer but I did with another of the girls - I never felt more nervous in all my life.  But I still like the storyline.   Luv   Rachel Rae     My nom de plume is just plain Rachel but they said it might be well that I add something to avoid confusion.  I'm not confused, are you?

Comment by Zack on 10/11/03
This is great, the lipstick thing doesn't fit the story, but overall it is a fantastic story. Could you write something where a guy in his teens gets transformed into a little girl that grows up and becomes a hottie but always remembers her male life?

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