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Little One
by Mastermind

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Comment by meh on 08/31/14
Not bad but an average 4 year old weighs about 40 pounds and is about 3 feet and 4 inches tall. so the boy in your story is average not small.

Comment by thisisme on 02/05/14
Yet another mother over coocoo's nest. The kid is four years old and they just arbitrarily decide to reprogram him to be a girl.

Comment by Silvia. on 07/17/11
You need courage to write something so disgusting and bad like this.

Comment by Jezzi Stewart on 02/11/07
The most evil of the bad girls wins.   To continue with AC/DC, Dr. Lin is definitely on the "Highway to Hell"

Comment by Madison Nichole on 01/29/07
The Mom in this poorly written story is just so.........evil. Sorry, but I doubt I'll read any more of your work.

Comment by Danielle Richards on 09/08/06
  Oh JOY! Another poor boy is destroyed just because he needed a little love in his life. I just do not understand the thought proccess that would manufacture these Families from Hell! Wow is that Familial Love and understanding or what? ( NOT !!! ) I would hope that a Mother would LOVE her children enough to ask at least WHY the little boy needed the doll. Huh!!!???


Comment by Jezzi Stewart on 09/02/06
AC/DC would be proud.  An immoral, unethical "doctor" who performs Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap for evil immoral female biological parents - Hell's Belles* - who want to murder their trusting, innocent young sons.  The doctor and her clients are truly on a Highway to Hell.

* - OK, I know it's Hell's Bells, commentoric license.

Comment by Carrie Jo Beard on 09/02/06
Wow!  I can't believe that someone is writing my life story.  How did you know?  Please continue.  I am looking forward to see how close you come to the truth.  The only thing so far is that it was my younger brother who went to camp, and he was brought back home on the train.  I was playing with my Mommie's old dolls when I got caught.

Comment by juliej on 07/06/06
intersting start but as a previous comment made its very short with oa whole lot more scope for improving and also an explanation of whats going on with his mother &doctor well worth reading hopefully will be much improved in the next parts

Comment by Nicole on 06/12/06
It seems a bit rushed in my opinion, but does have promise. I'm looking forward to a more lengthy and detailed part two.

Comment by Sarah H. on 05/26/06
Very nice beginning.Looking forward to more.

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