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March Madness
by Andrew J

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Comment by matt on 08/12/14
Just came across your stories and really enjoyed them. Its too bad this site seems deadand these were never finished.

Comment by whyguys on 04/01/09
Oh DAMN.... March Madness... Super Bowl.... the Stanley Cup.... the World Series!!!

I tell you.... these Females and their STUPID sports fixations!!!

What do we males have to do to get noticed anymore... go out and buy a saucy San Diego Chargerette Cheerleader uniform and do a routine for Women during television half-time????

Even then, it's BEND OVER.... IN GOES the strap-on.... SHE SCORE'S.... SHE'S done... and SHE'S back to watching the game before second half kick-off!!!

ALL WE GET are another torn pair of lace panties!

Comment by Lisatslut on 05/26/08
Oh to be tammy!!!  please go on

Comment by Chris on 04/30/08
I cannot wait for the next part! This is very sexy!!

Comment by SassySue on 04/28/08
I agree.  This is a great start to what could be a terriffic story.  Please continue with Tami's adventures for the week!


Comment by candi land on 04/26/08
continue on with your experiences

Comment by Sarah H on 04/24/08
Nice beginning,please with the adventure.

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