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Medallions of Femininity
by Ashley Eggers

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Comment by Silvia. on 10/23/10
What a bad story you wrote Ashley.

Comment by Aleesha on 07/25/10
This guy took his/her changes in his stride as I would have done but I know most men would have been distaught.

Comment by Jezzi Stewart on 07/25/03
So it's all about Lisa.  Pretty selfish, if you ask me, and no respect for him or his feelings or desires.  If she had to force him into it, even changing him mentally, then she must have been pretty sure she couldn't convince him to do it voluntarily.  She should have at least tried, as he seemed as if he was starting to enjoy the feminizing; the joy, though, I would think would be wiped out by the betrayal.  Some friend!  I'd like to see a sequel where the third spell breaks down and his mind reverts to unaltered.  Do you feel lucky, Lisa?

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