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Molly And Lolly
by Amelia Allyrw

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Comment by juliej on 01/02/09
as per my previous comments

Comment by julie j on 02/27/05
the chapter numbering confuses me and also the begining of the story very dificult to follow but very good look forewards to the next installments

Comment by Felix on 09/03/04
I'm confused by the chapter numbering. It jumps about between the parts. Chapters 7 - 10 seem to be missing. Is it a renumbering issue or are those chapters really missing?

Comment by Diane Castle on 08/21/04
As Jen pointed out, this story was released in print form some years ago.  I even own a copy!  I have enjoyed this story in print, and I was thrilled to learn that Amelia is the original author.  I think it's really great that she chose to share this with the readers at StorySite.

Of course, owning a paper copy means that I've noticed the occasional dropped word or misspelling more so than in most of the stories here.  But that's just me.  I'm such a nitpicker!

Thanks so much for sharing your work,

Comment by Jane Hudson on 08/21/04
Is not being a girl the best.MOLLY MIGHT AT FIRST HATED BUT NOW. Well from loser waster male to feminine lovely girl and with a lovely feminine bit dom but lovely wife.You lucky boy/girl

Comment by jen on 08/04/04
wasn't this story printed a while ago by reluctant press?

Comment by Jane Hudson on 08/04/04
Fun story hope the sis and the girl friend help him ti become her a better person . Any how looks like he on a one way trip to feminity  so she better get use to it.

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