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The Monstrous Regime
by Heather Alexander

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Comment by Indian on 12/13/11
Way to go on this essay, hleepd a ton.

Comment by Matthew on 01/31/06
Just finished reading your story and thought it was very interesting is there a concludion to this story?

Comment by juliej on 01/25/06
an interseting conumdruim well written but a bit more explanation how this state of affairs happenend like an introduction but well done lookforewards to the next part

Comment by jenny on 11/13/05
Loved your story--please expand on the society and what happens to males and how they are forced to change mentally and physically.  You have a great writing gift, please continue to share it with us.

Comment by peggy 976 on 07/12/05
Great premise. Hope you will continue.So many areas to explore. Just think of the bodybuilding contests of the future, to say nothing of the new sex roles. Look forward.  peggy

Comment by Sarah Bayen on 07/01/05

Loved it! The premise is really good, a role reversed society where events in ours can be seen in a different relief. The only criticism I would have is why stop here? This story could run and run, and deserves to.

Comment by totok on 06/29/05
Love the theme and well written. Seems to end abrubtly. I would love it if you gave us a bit more. Especially if the main charater has to accept his 'masculinity'

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