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My Ex Wifes Friend
by Rachael

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Comment by hertoy4fun on 06/16/23
Very good story and has me wanting to read part 2.  Thank you for sharing.

Comment by Silvia. on 09/05/11
Disgusting and sickly.

Comment by Debbie Brooks on 01/27/09
 Super story hunny, very nicely told

Comment by juliej on 11/11/08
as per previous comments

Comment by Priscilla Ann on 01/03/08
Wonderful beginning. Mistress Kate certainly seems to have something in mind for Rachel. I, for one, would certainly enjoy finding out. More please.

Comment by Ceceillia on 04/07/07
Dear Racel
It is really wonderful story. I wish I can contact someone like you to talk about my expeience in Arab country. Please help me and let anyone contact me.


Comment by juliej on 10/27/04
very interesting begining more to follow ? its a good story made better with the descriptions how far will she go

Comment by Liz on 06/08/03
Hey Rachael
Great story although i perfer your Thigh Boots stories much better, out of the two i would carry on writing the Thighboot story.

Keep up the great work.

Comment by ray michaels on 06/06/03
i enjoyed the story,  it had a better story line than a lot of other stories that CRYSTAL has listed. please continue with this story.
                                 thank you

Comment by Peg_thebois on 06/05/03
"" <--- see these things?
They are called quotations.  when a character speaks you put these before and after their words.

Comment by Pervette on 06/05/03
This looked like such an enjoyable story, but when every paragraph
turned out to be one long run-on sentence, I simply had to give up.
It was just too hard to read. There's a minimum level of courtesy
which an author owes her readers; that's missing here.

Comment by Jenny Walker on 06/05/03
I have to agree with Nellie.  Whilst you have an enjoyable concept here, you would really need to use correct punctuation.  The dialogue is spoiled by not being punctuated at all.  I would suggest you go through it again and punctuate the dialogue correctly as it will make it into a better story for all to read.



Comment by Nellie D on 06/05/03
A fairly decent story but hard to read because of the lack of formatting.

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