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My First Girl's Swimsuit
by Caprice Bellefleur

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Comment by suba me on 12/20/18
f9sgik that has been a long time coming. It will strengthen the viability

Comment by Jen on 05/26/10
I enjoyed the experience with you. Well done. Hope you write more.

Comment by Peggy Sue on 12/23/07
I liked the story, please write more. There was a can-can in my high school done by a bunch of boys. I couldn't begin to write about it -- my feelings are still too complex 50 years later! I still remember the girl who put lipstick on me with fondness.

Comment by juliej on 04/24/04
an interesting but short story it was intresting the way the boys did the pagent without much fuss,the audience seemed to enjoy it well done it was also unusual for the school to allow this to happen,unlessit was for charity well done a bit longer next time and a few more stories please thankyou

Comment by caprice (the author) on 03/04/03
Thanks for your comments, Julie. I'm not quite sure what needed filling out (other than the cups of my bathing suit ;) ).

As for acceptance, although I embellished it a little, this really did happen. It was back in the sixties, and things were different then. We never worried about people thinking we were homosexual (I don't think I had ever heard the word "gay" used that way back then.) This was before the gay rights movement really started, and I don't remember even being aware that homosexuality existed.

Personally, I did refuse initially--I don't know what the initial reactions of the others were. Most of them were the popular guys, who always acted like their behavior was acceptable, no matter what they did. And remember, a lot of them were recruited by their girlfriends.  

Comment by julie on 03/03/03
good story needs filling out I was suprised that this would have been
excepted and the boys did not argue

Comment by terri on 06/18/02
A very sweet story- all told without anyone being put in chains or being forced to sub mit to unwanted sex acts. Wish my high school would have had a contest like this! I especially liked the part where some of the guys gave themselves breasts (hey, rolled-up socks are fine in a pinch), or wore eye shadow, in addition to the lipstick.All in all, a good first time (in more ways than one) story- hope to see more.

Comment by Cathy_t_ on 06/18/02
A VERY nice litle tale and very well told.  Congrats on your first contribution to Crystal's and welcome to what looks like a very good addition to the ranks of talented writers here!  Huggles from me.
                              Cathy_t_ said that

Comment by Pervette on 06/18/02
Lovely story.  Every once in a while you hear true stories like
this one, of crossdressing events in grade school or high school.
And I always think, Why couldn't they have done that where I went?
But then I realize that at that age I would have done anything to
avoid getting involved in such a thing.  So I guess it was no loss.
But I sure envy your experience, with or without embellishments.
Thanks for posting this.


Comment by Jill M I on 06/18/02
What a neat story!

This site could use more true first-person experiences.

We can all imagine how you felt every step of the way.


Comment by dony on 06/17/02
Very nice story.  I wish I had had a similar opportunity.

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