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Office Revenge
by Heather Alexander

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Comment by julih on 12/24/12
sweet story so shortb but intresting

Comment by Lexine on 12/14/11
Clear, informative, spilme. Could I send you some e-hugs?

Comment by Hana on 05/16/09
Dearie, Oh how sweet it is and please cont. with her unfolding.

HUGS & Kisses

Comment by juliej on 01/25/06
a good plot but needs more work on it revenge is often said its sweet so be warned dont upset the female sex time will come when you are in the position of david look foreward to the next part

Comment by Pippa K. on 11/17/04
It's not a bad plot for a story, but you could do a lot better job of writing it.  You have language and grammar problems that surpass mere typos.  If you actually proof-read this story a couple of times, and this is the result, then you might want to consider finding someone who will act as an editor for you.  I understand they have some volunteers here who might help.  You have the basic skill and drive to come up with a story, and that's often the hardest part of the whole process.  You might even want to consider signing up for a local Adult-Ed creative writing course.  Even if you don't write TG plots, it might still be fun, and good experience which you could bring back here to dazzle us.

Comment by Jezzi Stewart on 11/16/04
Well, first of all, he should have quit.  However, given that he made no protest at all over the skirt, I agree that she will probably femmbimboize him to the max.  I would like to see him reformed and emerge as a happy normal woman.

Comment by gyrebat on 11/16/04
I agree with GFriday.  This should be part one of a longer story.  Doll face should be further feminized: into a big hair do'd, silicone boobed, high heel shoed, sexy secretary. Then deal with his emotions as he experiances the loss of status and dignity as he waits hand and foot on his former secretary.

Comment by GFriday on 11/16/04
This is a lot better than the first one but you need to CONTINUE it.  You need to show her femming him, with a girlie hairdo, more complete business uniforms and maybe forcing him to mentor to ANOTHER secretary who he dumped on, and maybe explore how he deals with losing his power and having to do demeaning tasks for a woman he harrassed.  This should be part 1.  Keep going!

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