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The Organization
by Carlito Esperanza

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Comment by Angie on 05/08/14
Carlito, thanks for writing this story. †A lot of stories are basically transsexual in nature. †Your story resonated more with me, as I'm content to be a man and dress after hours and weekends. †My male and female selves have their own environments, just like Carl/Cheryl. †Nicely done and well written. †Thanks sis! †Angie

Comment by ashley on 07/30/13
Here is a job I would go for - - - - nice fantasy for me to live over and over !!

Comment by Amanda on 06/22/13
I truly love this kind of story. It is so well written. Please continue with Cherylís story and her relationship with Holly.

Comment by Silvia † (from Brazil) on 06/10/11
Hi carlito.
You really wrote a very good story.
Carl has personality enough for do what he want, and not what others want. And he has a cool and loving family too!
I loved your story.

Comment by Yoron on 06/08/08
I read both chapters here I'm proud to say :)
The first on left me feeling rather uneasy.
It was a slow enforcement into avenues he didn't really wanted to explore
It reminded me of all to many other story's ending in abuse and humiliation.
But reading the second one left me feeling slightly better.
It was a good choice to sever himself from that 'organization' I think.
The story was a good one with one exception.

I don't see why heterosexual cross dressers always seems to get coupled up to guys and petting in those stories?
It's like 'when in dress you must be a woman'?

Seems rather stupid, especially at a forum like this one where people are suposed to be in the 'know'?

Or am I wrong here?
Those writing don't really know about heterosexual cross dressers.

Just asking :)


Comment by suna on 10/26/06
An enjoyable story.

I do see tho why he felt he should leave the company. †

When he first arrived there was not much enthusiam for his presence and he felt it. The women in the office gradually came around and accepted him at breaks, etc. because they came to know what was expected and wanted to make the 'new girl' feel comfortable in the role.
They were not genuine in their feelings and he knew that too after a time, there was only the friendship with Liz. Even that is tainted from Liz's past. The change in the women's reaction to him not wearing a dress was quite evident and in the long term would mean a lot of quiet suffering.
The constant expectation that Cheryl be a team player was already more of a burden than a pleasure and would cause every part of his life to suffer is more than reason enough to leave.

The storyline about the woman around him getting him dates 'just to see what being with a man is like' felt like none of those women actually believed he could look and act as a woman yet not be one inside. I did like that he didn't change his orientation due to outside expectations.

I do have mixed emotions about the ending. I am happy you didn't write about him becoming a lab rat for a psycho shrink, but I would have liked to read about him with Liz and friends. †That is what a good story does I suppose, leave you wondering what comes next.

Thank you for the view from your mind's eye Carlito.

Comment by Early June on 11/27/04
A nicely written story that held together very well. The plot was well laid out and the characters took on realistic personalities.  Your writing style is smooth, draws the reader in, and holds interest.  I was confused by Carl's reasoning in wanting to quit the job.  The relationship with Mark was not climactic. Nor did Cheryl have to allow kissing.  Not on a first, second, or even later date.  I did not see where the job required that he date anyone, moreover  males.
 Now, if he had objected to the time required for keeping up appearances, or the additional cost of the wardrobe. That would have made sense.  Perhaps transferring to Washington was not a good idea.  I dont know, but if transferring was a requisite of employment, then I could see the rationale for quitting.  I like your story.  Please continue with your excellent writing.  Thank you for sharing with us.

Comment by Jezzi Stewart on 11/24/04
After reading part 2:
Strangely enough, I finished the story with a feeling of sadness.  I, too, hated to see Cheryl go.  I hope what Carl gained with the move was worth losing the feminine closeness with the friends Cheryl had made.  I think Carl's error was in confusing gender and sexual preferences.  His only objection to being Cheryl 24/7 seemed to be dating or having sex with men.  Why did he feel being Cheryl meant he had to do that?  Not sex, as several of the women, especially Holly, seemed more than willing to have male/female sexual relations with him while he was presenting as Cheryl. The major comment I would make on this part of the story regards that and this Holly quote:

<< "My thesis will explore why men become transvestites and why some go on to become transsexual and others remain steadfastly heterosexual."  >>

A true genetically male transsexual who has relations with a non-transsexual male is not a homosexual male, but a heterosexual woman.  Dressing and acting as a woman, even if 24/7, does not make one a transsexual; it is perception of self that does that.   I know of several males  who are 24/7 feminine in relationships with GGs; while they present as women and people think they are lesbians as couples, both males consider themselves to be males who just prefer a feminine lifestyle outside of the bedroom.  Sex and gender are not synonomous.  

Comment by Jezzi Stewart on 11/24/04
After part 1:
I really liked this story, except for the incest between Carl and his sister .  The story should be should be rated to show that.  I liked that he was going back to being a CD and not forward as a TS lesbian; thanks for taking the road less traveled.

Comment by fregen on 11/21/04
Nice story.  Very well written.  I liked the premise of the company *investigating* and finding out his closet transvestite tendencies before they hire him and then offering him the opportunity to dress.  I guess sometimes the reality doesn't measure up to the fantasy.  His returning to Carl after landing his dream job -well paying, acceptance by peers, ability to dress - certainly is *quite* a change from what is normally written here.  Hey, thanks for the change of pace!  And for the dose of realism.  I look forward to reading more of your stories.

Comment by excitedlooker on 11/20/04
I've enjoyed both your stories.  If you have it in you, both of them are worthy of contuation

Comment by Joanna  K. on 11/20/04
I truly like this kind of story.  Good format, actually a very good readable tale.  The ending? feel rather mixed on that, sure a change from the normal fare here, thank you for posting!

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