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The Play
by Georgina

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Comment by Sharon on 06/27/11
What a georgeous story it is just like my mother and me
making love.

Comment by ashley on 09/21/10
this one really wonderful

Comment by Barbara on 03/13/09
What a beautiful story. I for one love the incestous nature of this tale and am already fantasing of the introduction of the new princess to her Aunts and Grandmother.

Comment by MIke on 04/04/07
Your stories are the very best.  Please continue to write.

Comment by SassySue on 04/13/03
Well written fully detailed sex scenes.  Although mother-son sex is not my cup of tea, the lovemaking was so erotically described that I found it highly arousing.   Mardee Louise said it better than I can, so I'll just say "me too."

I hope that future stories concentrate more on sex between consenting adults, but in any event keep up the good work.


Comment by Joanne on 04/08/03
Thank you for another nice story, The play.  I certainly do hope that you will follow-up on it and also keep adding to your other stories.

I find all you stories so exciting and provocative that I want to read them more and more

Love and kisses


Comment by Steve on 04/08/03
This appears to be the start of another great story.

Thank you.


PS. 1 critical, Please finish this and your other stories, it is so difficult to be left hanging.  PLEASE

Comment by Georgina on 04/07/03
To my loyal Fans. Thank you for your comments, good and bad. They are much apreciated as I can learn from the critical ones, and preen with pleasure at the compliments. Inside every one of us human beings there is a story. I know I have stuck in one genre, but I will be trying other ones soon, but still with the same attention to detail, and the same effects. I will try to do better. Thank you all again for your kind comments and input. Love to you all, Georgina.

Comment by joli on 04/07/03
That was a beautifully written story.  I was truly moved.  I only wish it were me dressed up so prettily.  Keep these storys going.  I love reading them.  

Comment by Charlie on 04/06/03
I really enjoyed this. It turned me on as it was I am sure intended. I myself have never had desires for my Mother, but my Sister and I explored each others bodies and I have ever since been interested in incestuous relations

Comment by Mardee Louise Prynne on 04/06/03
This is a superbly written tale, so exquisitely rich in detail.  The feelings described are irresistible as are the sensations and urges the story arouses.

Comment by geoff on 04/05/03
It was well worth the long wait for a new story and I only wish Georgina would contribute mor eof her wonderful writings.

Comment by shawna on 04/05/03
I wait everyday to see a new story from Georgiana.  Please continue this one soon.  As soon as I see a story from you I rush to my closest and put on my finest silks and satins and then share your feelings with my lingerie, silk and satin blouses and skirts. I would love some day to meet you and act out one of your stories. shawna

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