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Pretty Peripherals
by Emmie Dee

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Comment by GP on 08/29/14
A nice story about a man opening up to his feminine desires.  When his vacation is over he may do away with his artificial nails, but his ears will always be double pierced.  For the rest of his life he will always have those little holes in his lobes proclaiming his feminine side.  And he will always enjoy looking at them, every time he looks in a mirror.  I know.  My ears have been pierced for almost 50 years.

Comment by julih on 02/02/13
a good story with a twist to the end

Comment by cyan on 06/28/07
a good story that had a nice little twist at the end with the fact there was no bet, but it had a nice ending where the main character could finally be themselves

Comment by joanne206 on 06/27/07
are you ever going to write more about annie. I have enjoyed the annie  saga.

Comment by Daniel on 05/25/07
Nice little story.

Comment by inkman666 on 12/18/06
Nice story

Comment by Nellie D on 08/13/06
Another fine and gentle story from a very good story teller. It is well crafted and an easy read. Looking forward to more stories from Emmie

Comment by Toni on 08/08/06
Loved your story. Reminded me of my first salon trip to get acrylic nails. Although I always go in male mode and have never felt embarassed. I just got them redone today. Emily should get a pedicure too, it's more fun. Keep up the good work.
Hugs, Toni

Comment by Samantha-1 on 08/07/06
As always Emmie, it's like sooooo cute. Always loved your stories, this one is no exception. Lke to see more from you (like, I am so selfish).


Comment by (AJ) Eric on 08/05/06
Emmie's stories are skillfully told and generally worth reading; this one's no exception.  But somehow it doesn't seem quite as smooth, for lack of a better description, than her norm: while everything turns out right in the end, it's hard for me to say why.  

Reading it a second time, I guess the clues are there -- after all, our narrator doesn't know the plot twist until the end -- but it still strikes me as a more cruel path to the desired destination than I'd have preferred.


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