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Princess Lost
by Arecee

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Comment by Angie on 04/21/16
All I can say is wow!  Nice job.

Comment by Silvia. on 10/21/10
Hi Arecee!
You wrote one of the best stories I ever read.
Although mindy was a moron.
Congratulations for your story.

Comment by Julian on 03/12/10
Very well done and I enjoy reading the series on Lynn..
you should do well in writing.
thank you for sharing

Comment by trying to understand on 03/12/09
I read this story for the second time.  I have found it to be very well written, entertaining and captivating.  It was a sweet story with the innocent caught up in a terrible tragedy.  Included in this story is the terrible experience of the rape victim being "raped" again in the courts and legal system.  Not that the system is that tarnished, but it happens.  I have read hundreds of stories on this site and I would put this one in the top three.  Keep up the good work.  The sentimental stories appeal to me the most and you certainly have the talent for it.  Thanks for a wonderful story.

Comment by Nikki Hansen on 01/16/09
I have just finished your story and all i can say is, wow. i have read hundreds of these stories but rarely find them interesting enough to finish. This story is one of the very few exceptions. I will be running this story through my head for weeks to come. very well done!


Comment by Bob on 03/26/07
I thought it was an extremely good story. I really felt shaken to the core when she was raped. It just boils my blood and shakes my bones to imagine something like that. I thought it was extremely well thought out. I was so relieved that her original sexuality wasn't used in the case. Its a sad note, but would have definitely been used in reality.

Comment by RAY on 09/21/06

Comment by Rone on 09/19/06


Comment by Melanie Ezell on 09/17/06
Wonderful, wonderful story!  I love finding stories with characters who are enthusiastic about their entrance into the world of women even when it is an accident, and your story is one of the best that I have read, right up my alley!  You made me want to add more to my own work, thank you!

Comment by cleo on 09/17/06
I thoroughly enjoyed the story, but find misspellings bothersome.   The use of different spellings of words that sound the same is rampant. There, their and they're are constantly used in the wrong place. This interupts a very smoothly flowing story for me.
Sorry if I'm so picky, I look forward to more about Lynn.

Comment by Ann Newton on 09/14/06
Not really my cup of tea. Well written and a good premise. My personal taste does not run to enthusiastically embrasing a female role. I prefer the reluctant hero, and this story started off that way, it only lost interest for me when he began to like boys and act like a girl and prefer it.  Maybe if you write one where the guy keeps getting forced into the role I would enjoy it more. Trust me, it was a good story and my tastes are simply that, MY tastes. Thanks for a well written tale.

Comment by Kristy Lynn Fitzpatrick on 09/13/06
   The mispellings were a little distracting, but I really enjoyed the sweetness of the relationships in this story. My only real complaint is that the trial did seem rushed to me, for the most part. I love the main character and mom very much. The story feels very real and I think that means you have done a good job. Very highly recommnded.



Comment by Jill on 09/12/06
I read the entire story today.  I thank you for the wonderful tale.  The only problem I saw was the word course, which you spelled coarse. The story kept my interest and I am thankful that you completed it. I find stories like yours get started and not finished.
Nice job.
Please write more.
Jill MIcayla

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