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The Real Emily Bowers
by Genni Smith

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Comment by Elizabeth Cathryn Mystery on 10/19/23
Crystal's Story Site reports:-
Genni Smith - I'm sad to announce that Genni has passed away. Her passing was very sudden, in January 2003.

I would like to add my sympathy at this late time of reading it some 20 years later.

I have know people that were abused as children but it wrecked their adult lives and those they married even after counselling, for many reasons.  These persons are truly evil and dreadful for the way they warp a little persons mind and sometimes for good.

As to the story, I am surprised that being more adult (15) Jason would have handled it differently even though he was in a younger persons body.  When fat head came into Emily’s room I expected Jason as Emily to tell him where to get off in a more grown up way, the way a real male teenager would have done as I am sure he would have heard of child abuse from reading about it, hearing about it and possibly being talked about it at school.

The other thing that was not given was why he was not known when he phoned his old house?  Did he cease to be or had he gone back in time to before he was born.  It would have been nice to pick a paper or magazine up and read the date.  That way time travel as well could be dismissed.  Personally, I feel he went back in time due to the bare bottom slapping and to me, the way I read it, she did seem not have a child seat in the car.  Others may disagree.

A story worth reading but for me a little padding out was required.  The problem with me is I am a lateral thinker so I am more into problem solving and I need to know everything.

Comment by suba lube on 08/12/18
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Comment by link building on 10/25/13
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Comment by Karen Trexler on 01/04/08
WOW! This story really took me through a lot of different phases! I was quite excited by the transformation part, while LMAO at the wit of Jason's sarcasm, especially with those ramblings going on in the brain of a six year old girl. I was disgusted as the story moved into the molestation phase, and almost stopped reading on, fearing that it was about to become a real sick and perverted tale. However, the ending certainly comes with a strong message and vindication. VERY well done!

Comment by Jeff on 09/21/07
Entertainment is not the only reason to read fiction, and is certainly not the only purpose for which authors write it. The very best fiction at the very least induces the reader to feel, and occasionally challenges the reader to stop and think. The most obvious way to stimulate both is to write about difficult, painful, and controversial topics. My only difference with the authors who choose to explore such things is when they do not forewarn their readers in their summaries, which effectively denies the reader the choice.

There are a few hidden assumptions in this story. Is it worse to be sexually molested than it is to be pounded into unconsciousness? That's a tough call, and I've been confronted in my life with both. Which is worse, the terror that Jason faces as Emily, or the schoolyard terror (despite his martial arts training) of a Eugene Tucker in Ellen Hayes' "Saga of Tuck" series?

Another assumption(?), and one that resonates with those of us who feel that our lives would be much better had we been born female, is that there is help, support, and protection available to girls that is not available to boys. Jason's experience is certainly typical of what boys who lack physical size and/or muscular endowment must survive, and I have never heard of bullies such as those who assault Jason being convicted of a crime and sent to jail. Having attended a survivors' group of college students who as young boys had been sexually molested by men (if you want something to really mess up a boy's mind...), I have the sense that that form of abuse is also not taken as seriously when it happens to boys. While the author is busily showing us a character who eventually finds the courage (as Emily) to confront her problems, we also see one who has resources that he didn't seem to have as Jason. "Out of the frying pan and into the fire" looks a little different when it also comes with a Fire Department.

Comment by Sara Zeal on 07/23/06
It pretty much says what it is in the story julie.

Both made a wish at the same time. When Jason changes, it is at the exact same time, that same Saturday morning where he was to delivers newspaper. Emily's body just happens to be a bit over 9 years younger than his old body was, but it already existed, and the child molesting already happened before Jason 'took over' - or you'd wonder why (the real) Emily would wish to 'not exist' before Jason took her place.

All in all a great story, although a bit short for my taste. I'm used to 10-20 parts huge book-like stories hehe. But it's very well written, so I'm not complaining.

Sara Zeal

Comment by julie on 03/04/03
a good story butvery confusing is how jason changed and what happened was it  a regression into a former or past life

Comment by Emily Bowers on 01/11/03
I want my name back.
I'm the realy Emily Bowers.

Comment by D. White on 10/15/02
    Fantasy is not always easy to deal with, and some is altogether too implausible to even hold this reader's attention.  I applaud your courage to intersperse the delicate handling of an ugly topic within the frame of reference of a story intended to entertain, as these CD stories are intended.  The treatment is realistic, and not so heavy-handed as to take away the entertainment value of the story.  Maybe it is also because I live in the United States, but it is a little bit of a fascination also to me to hear what I call "Britticisms", such as the fact that you refer in the story to a "chemist's shop" when we would have simply said a "pharmacy" in the United States.  Personally, althoughI would like to see some additional polishing of all of it, I would also score your inventiveness and overall quality of the story well above many others I have seen.   Furthermore, the story is only about 90K, or something like that.  Those really long ones that essentially are a small book are tough to get into because so many of us just don't have that kind of time and computers all have their quirks. Thank you very much.

Comment by kimmie on 06/30/02
The author Genni Smith is a very accomplished author with many good stories here .Although this story starts out with the usual quality we have grown to expect it does drop far below the quality I see in the rest of her work.Nowhere within this site do we find any other story anywhere near the subject matter of this.We have the usual great start that Genni is known for but i must question the why and how a person would write a story of regressing a person to a six year old then have a child sexually abused in it.When asked her response a good story provokes a strong emotioal response .I am sorry but it takes more than just that for a good story.I sincerely hope this is not a prelude to what is to come from a lady who has formerly wrote such fantastic stories.

Comment by Sandy Walker on 06/11/02
This was a nice fantasy/transformation story.  But......
While child molestation is a part of the real world, I was a little disturbed that it found its way into 'our' literature here. I was glad when the perpetrator was put away.

Comment by Sydney Michelle on 06/08/02
Excellent in all phases of the story.

A nice preshadow in the fairy tale. And the evil giant gets his. Hhm, makes you wonder about Grimm, doesn't it?

Very thoughtful and thought prevoking. Keep up the good work.

Comment by Julia Manchester on 06/07/02
This is one of the very best stories I have ever encountered.  It combines Genni's wonderful flair for dialogue with her sharp wit and deep understanding of human nature.  I laughed and cried when I read "Emily."  It deals with a very serious subjct in a way that draws the reader in and immerses him or her in the plot.  Extremely well done.  

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