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Satin Love
by Georgina

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Comment by link building on 07/18/14
uUjuiJ Appreciate you sharing, great post.Much thanks again. Much obliged.

Comment by elain on 09/23/13
loved this story my mummy dresses me up some times she likes me to wear fully fashioned stockings and a bask she then dresses me up as her maid i realy love it she said i look sexy

Comment by Rachel on 07/01/13
Are you planning to complete Satin Love, you stated at the end of part 3 "To Be Continued" when are you going to continune the story??

Comment by laura on 01/15/13
lovely well crafted stories and very erotic

Comment by Nicola on 09/10/11
A wonderful story,as another has said I have only finished the first part. I would like to see more stroking of satin/nylon covered bodies by mother and son.Don't worry this is just a suggestion it is still a well written story.

Comment by Berta on 09/02/09
A wonderful but way too lengthy story. Took me almost 3 hours to read it. I have "bookmarked" it and Parts 2 and 3 for future reading. Your story now has me wondering if this is why my mom always left her silky satin lingerie, nightgowns, satiny ball gowns and taffeta dresses out on her bedroom chair for me to see. I've always wondered if she ever knew that I wore all of them when they weren't at home. I recall that she use to come into my bedroom injust her silky satin long nightgowns to check on me at night. (Glad she never pulled the covers down to discover me in my own silky nightgown!) How many of us discovered our "feminine" side in this way while in the 4th or 5th grade!

Comment by Rachel E on 06/10/09
A very exciting storie. I hope that you will finish it as you have left the ending undone. It made me dream of things i would loved to had happend to me while i was growing up as a teen ager. But during those times things like this was best left unsaid or undone.

Comment by leelee on 06/05/08
What a wonderful story for those of us who have brushed ( even so briefly) with the eroticness of incest. A true love story and so beautifully told.  Thank you

Comment by mike goodrich on 01/18/07
Your stories are the very best.  Please continue.

Comment by luna on 07/18/06
You are the best.  To know that we both have lived some of your stories even makes it more powerful.  Endless googling has never produced anyone remotely in your class.  You have an ability to tread the line between high soaring eroticism and grossly explicit porn. You seem to have an English education as us poor pilgrims wouldn't know of an adverb or descriptive adjective. Pulsatingly erotic word pictures.

Comment by C harlotte on 03/19/06
Oh Georgina, What erotic extacy you have driven me to. I lost count of the number of orgasms I had while reading this beautiful literature. My husband wondered if I had received a new lease of life  when we went to bed last night.
Please, Oh please do write more like this one.

Comment by riottgrrl on 05/01/04
When can we see a draft of your 'Politically Incorrect, Totally Diet Free, Thoroughly Unhealthy and Utterly Decadent, Short Cut to a Myocardial Infarction and Apoplexy, Cook Book!'

I want an autograph copy! (But I'll settle for your complete memoirs, with recipes in the sidebars.)


Comment by Brenda on 11/02/02
Must be the ultimate reading experience. I was transported into a world that I had only dreamed of.

Comment by Geoff on 11/01/02
So happy to see you back as I enjoy reading your wonderful stories so much. Thank you.

Comment by tony on 10/30/02
Wow.. truelly exciting story's....
I even start dreaming about it.. so very well described.. I can almost feel the satin dresses and hear the petticoats swiching around me.
PLease write on, you are the best :-)

Comment by Glenda on 09/03/02
Really enjoyed what I call erotic writing at its very best.Hope to read more whenever she posts.

Comment by bobbi on 06/25/02
The story is a wonder of sweet feminization and soft, loving sex with a beautiful, willing Mother.  As a long-time lover of this theme in TG fiction, which is relatively rare, it has left me breathless with delight.  Please keep writing!  I feel so warm inside, having just read this wonder.  I would only offer the timid suggestion of more detail with makeup, especially lipstick, which I and probably others love to have applied, especially by mothers.  Thank you for this story!


Comment by Anthia on 06/10/02
I truely enjoyed this storey along with the other two listed. Well written although a little long-winded at times. Long may you continue to write such works of pleasure.

Comment by Pervette on 06/06/02
The story is one of my favorite genres--loving feminization by one
or more older women.  How sweet of them to plan this treat in
advance for him!  One minor grumble: an awful lot of adjectives
(how many times do we need to be told it's incestuous, after all?)
where nouns & verbs would have more punch.  And one happy thought
to end with: you deserve some kind of award for being the only
TG author I've ever encountered who got "chaise longue" right!!
(If I see "chaise lounge" one more time I'll scream!)


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