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Saving Lives
by Emmie Dee

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Comment by Rone welles on 08/31/09
 Timeless well written lovely story  ....
well done author well done indeed .. thank you for sharing with us weirdos ....  peace Rone xoxo

Comment by jeannette on 12/21/07
Loved this story! Is there a part 2 somewhere? Also, this story emulates exactly what "Family" is about. I know that if My older Sister would lay her life on the line for me, I would do ANYTHING for Her. Very well done!!!

Comment by cyan on 06/28/07
A very nice story, well writtened that explains what love is all about and the power of family

Comment by Daniel on 05/25/07
I agree with some others,a story that cries out to be continued!

Comment by Lisa Wange on 08/10/06
This story cries out to be continued. More Paulette Please!!

Comment by (AJ) Eric on 08/05/06
Just read this again; it's still a good story <g>.  But I noticed one continuity problem:  Paul's brother Matt is named Patrick the first time he's mentioned.

Best, Eric

Comment by Pat on 03/04/06
Welcome back; another well written story with men and women who care about each other.  I find it wonderful and encouraging the way the cross dressing seems to be a natural part of their loving lives.  Thank you very much.

Comment by Cassandra on 02/25/06
I also loved the story. Cutthroat Monopoly is not my thing, however. One other commentator liked the character development. Did anyone notice Diane's transition from "Is there something I need to know" to
"Will I meet Paulette"? This story is incomplete. When will we see part 2?

Comment by Amanda on 02/22/06
Thanks Emmie.

A nice story, with lots of love and caring. I liked it.

Comment by Paula Mortenson on 02/22/06
Welcome return. We have missed you. Another well constructed tale, promising more. Great


Comment by Leah on 02/21/06
I've not been familiar with Emmie's writing, so I have some makeup work ahead. I'll never look at a Monoply game again without some special thoughts of the thrills and hazards of cut-throat. And of the joys of close knit families. Wow!

Apparently Emmie has cut back on her literary production; however, it would be wonderful (I predict!) to read of Diane's introduction to Paulette.

Comment by Nellie D on 02/21/06
A new story from Eemmie Dee is always a joy to find. I have waited these five long years for a new one and now that it is here, I enjoyed it very much. The characters are well developed and described with a simple but effective plot. I hope we read more of this couple and hope to find other stories by this very good author.

Comment by Elaine Anne on 02/21/06
What a touching story! I thoroughly enjoyed it! Good character development in a very short timeframe. High marks to you! (And I'm not even an English teacher!) Hehehe!
At any rate; well done! I look forward to reading the rest of your work and, like others, eagerly anticipate your next story!
Elaine Anne

Comment by christi on 02/21/06
My most Dearst Emmie I must thank you from the bottom of my heart
for the new story I have waited so long for a new story from you, and once again you did not disappoint . Your story's always make me smile ,feel loved , cry, or cry tears of joy . I have be begged for more Annie story's , but I am so greatful that you took time to write
a story. You my most beloved have made my last 6 months . Thank you,
please ,oh please my beloved write some more any & all story's would be welcomed

Most Lovingly Yours

Comment by (AJ) Eric on 02/20/06
Nice little story.  Good to see Emmie posting here again.

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