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Shirley's Story
by Amelia Allyrw

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Comment by Johnny on 08/11/11
I found myself relaxing and enjoying your story to it's completion.  I would like to think real life would be so simple.  But it is not.  Nice story.  I loved it!

Comment by Silvia    (from Brazil) on 06/21/10
Amelia, You wrote a sweet and lovely story. I loved your story!
A lot of kisses.

Comment by KENDRA on 12/22/09
I loved this story - who cares about syntax or spelling? The female "voice" of the narrator was completely convincing and I had no problems visualising Shelley. A truly enchanting love-story without the "gay" intrusions that, for me, often spoil these tales. It left me with a lovely warm feeling. Thanks so much.

Comment by Pippa K. on 08/28/05
A nice, fairly original short story that could benefit a great deal from editing.  Syntax wanders off on its own more than once, and some of the dialog is a bit stilted.  It almost reads in places like it was roughly translated from another language.

Still, despite the problems, it is an enjoyable read, and while it might be more fun to read after editing, thank you for writing it.

Comment by fregen on 08/24/05
Very nice indeed.  I enjoyed the gentle humor throughout the story.  Thank you for sharing

Comment by AgathaC on 08/24/05
A nice story indeed with a nice twist at the end. But you really do need to do some editing before you submit a story. There are lots of really simple spelling and grammatical errors that make reading it more of a chore than it should be.
entrance  should be entranced  
your      is not the correct way for abbreviating you are

Comment by Carolyn Renee on 08/23/05
Lovely story! I am very jealous and wish that I had a loving lady to share my love of femininity. Please continue with this novel story line -- a sequel would be superb! Love & Kisses  Carolyn Renee

Comment by Brian2 on 08/22/05
Dear Ameliea:
Great story! It is tough to come up with an original view on TG stories, but you have done it. Well written and the ending not only makes a point but leaves potential for more as well as leaving us wondering. Thanks for your efforts. This is a definite reread.
Brian 2

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