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Shore Leave
by Catherine Murray

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Comment by Molly on 07/06/08
"On leave pending discharge, A Marine finds..." that his date is a she-male. He contemplates killing her, but decides to bugger her instead (without any lube), practically raping her. When he shows up at the club again, and then buys her a drink when she asks for one, she figures that she has him hooked. Whatever else this story may be, it isn't my idea of Sweet/ Sentimental -- but then, that's just my opinion.

Comment by April on 10/20/03
Liked the story!  Good job of character building.  Both persons believable and lifelike. Interesting dialogue and it held attention. The ending held just enough question for the reader to participate in forming their own conclusion.

Comment by Sheryl S. on 10/16/03
I thought it was interesting telling it from the John's point of view. Did a great job in conveying the San Francisco atmosphere [I know of a clothing store perfect for Tom at 3rd and Mission (Rochester Big & Tall -- not sure about 2nd & Mission).]  Anyway, it flowed well and felt genuine, and I am on the edge of my seat looking forward to the next chapter.

Love & Huggs,
Sheryl S.

Comment by Cai on 10/15/03
A cute story, a marine falling for a submissive.  I liked the last line, she liked being in control. A perfect foil, a bottom.

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