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Sisters Three
by Hebe Dotson

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Comment by Ernie on 05/05/13
OK you got me Hafh sisthers stories Need more soon please. Ernie

Comment by Lorelei on 01/23/13
Really enjoyed all three stories, especially the clever idea of each one told in first-person by Paul, Matt, or Mandy.  Paul and Matt taking turns at being the girl was treated in such a normal, fun, innocent, healthy way, with no sex or innuendos.  Here's hoping boys like Paul and Matt can re-educate the GGs of the world into dressing and acting femmy-femme again and loving their womanliness enough to  do it.

Comment by ALISON MARY on 08/25/09
 Just loved your three,feel good stories.Thank you so much,ALISON

Comment by Steffie on 01/26/09
Just read all three stories, terrific feel good series really enjoyed it but unfortunately things don't always go as well in real life, but thats another story, maybe mine.

Comment by Abbie on 10/26/08
Just read your whole series of short stories and like what I read.Neat stuff! I too, would like to see more.  

Comment by Claudia on 08/26/06
This is a really love story, i hope you posted the next chapter soon.
I would loved to be one of Green sisters.

Comment by Kristy Lynn Fitzpatrick on 08/19/06
   So much fun! Nice perspective on the girl who is too plain for her own good and is educated into girlhood. Such a well balanced and perfectly poised story, sorry it took me so long to find your stories, they have all been excellent so far.

   Constructive criticism, finish what you have started please. This is a great story line and you aren't done yet.



Comment by Missy_cd on 08/19/06
I have really enjoyed the three stories in this series and hope that there will be fourth. Matt and Paul are lucky to have understanding people in their lives like their sister and Fiona and I would love to see what happens if their parents found out that the talent contest was more than a one time thing

Comment by Broni Marsh on 08/19/06
Hi Hebe,

I enjoyed the trilogy and hope there will be a fourth. It seems to me that the half-sisters are too into being girls, including being attracted to boys, for them to stop when their voices change, which is at least an implication near the end of the last tale.
I also follow your fiction at tgforum and love it.
Thanks for sharing your talents.



Comment by Karen Elizabeth L. on 08/14/06
Great followup to your previous wonderful stories!
I was so jealous, I would have loved to be on of the girls in pPod!

Comment by fregen on 08/13/06
How nice to see a continuation of this series after a 3 year hiatus.  Of course I had to then go back and reread the original 2 and then the rest of the stories after I was reminded how much I enjoy this author's works.  

The gentle but spirited telling of these stories is just terrific.  Thanks for sharing and I hope to see more stories in the near future.

Comment by (AJ) Eric on 08/13/06
Really nice way to wrap up the series.  (Or not -- now that Fiona's in on the secret, there's a narrator for a possible fourth episode, if the author wants to take the Fiona-Paul/Carole relationship a little further.)

A little more complexity here than the first two stories.  The contest organizers took the deception with more equanimity than I expected.  Also, even in the set-your-clocks-back-ten-years Upper Midwest, a three-song set that includes both the Lennon Sisters and the Andrews Sisters seems a little stale, in that not only the crowd but probably half the judges wouldn't be familiar with the music.

Hardly major complaints, though.  A fun story.


[Just looked up "Boulton Park" on Google.  Clever.]

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