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Stupid Mistake
by Donna Williams

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Comment by ashley on 11/22/13
Just had to re read this one. Great wife !!

Comment by ashley on 09/02/13
ggood one !!

Comment by Mistress Meredith on 12/01/08
Mistress Mary did a splendid job of setting up maid Donna for the "little darling's" utter humiliation. Nicely done and then some.

Comment by Priscilla Ann on 10/18/07
Poor Donna. What sweet revenge, and contrary to the old adage, served nice and hot.

Comment by juliej on 06/04/04
a good story short but to the point revenge is sweet for his wife what a way to go without his freinds finding out

Comment by Susan Pauline Bauer on 03/07/04
Dear Donna: What a great story. I almost, wet my own panties while reading it. I'm still somewhat, "shuddering," by what the new, "maid," went through. Nice developement in the story line. I'd like to read more about this new arrangement. Perhaps another segment? Do we see a maid's room being set up? Perhaps a room over the garage as servants don't usually sleep with the family? Perhaps some shopping trips en femme? I like your style of writing.


Comment by Paula on 02/08/03
I prefer the sweet and sentimental passive bit of my own stories but this was well written and enjoyable

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