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Time for a Change
by Frank Richards

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Comment by Silvia on 07/10/15

Comment by ashley on 11/14/14
a second read and I am now doing some of the same things !!!!!!!!!!!!

Comment by crorkz on 08/04/14
zhXYFO I am so grateful for your article post.Thanks Again.

Comment by ashley on 09/02/13
Well ain't that something? conivingorwhat? hope there is more to come.

Comment by julih on 02/01/13
intresting  story motivation wellintended surprised he did not relise what was happening to him  untill to late

Comment by kimmiewill on 02/26/12
I think her motivation is pretty simple; she wants a sissy husband, she's enjoying making him change. Me too.

Comment by "Missy," Susan Pauline on 01/31/11
Dear Mr.Richards,

I concur with the other, "comment posters." This story has a great begining. While there's a lot of stories of women feminizing their males (sons, boyfriends, husbands) you have started off great.

There seems to be a new crop of Storysite Readers that have visited your stories, it has been quite some time since your last entry. I hope you didn't get tired of it.

Perhaps, this was the begining of your Lifestyle??? Are you the one who is being changed?

Please write more,

Missy Susan

Comment by Patty Cakes on 12/05/10
Like Patty asked in August, how far does the wife intend to go?
AND when are we going to get more chapters to read.. The story
does hold your interest...

Comment by Styler on 11/21/10
Like to read more chapters!!

Comment by ashley on 09/16/10
Nice cute lovely story.

Comment by Patty on 08/31/10
Love the story, Hope you keep up the transformation, How far will the wife go??

Comment by Hana on 05/13/09
Simply awesume story, Please cont. Only get him to shave his legs ASAP and into a skirt. He!!!! He!!!

LOL Hana

Comment by al ev   on 10/28/08
love it

Comment by starbucks cafe on 03/14/08
A very nice story but we need the third - forth - five.... parts please .

Comment by jeannette on 11/11/07
Good short story! Can not wait for Chapter 3.

Comment by juliej on 11/02/07
a good story of female domination and untill it was to late her husband did not notice

Comment by davida michaele on 07/08/07
i like the  story as an outline  that would  be  fun to  see  added  details  in description. previous posts make  good  points on story set up of  modivations of  the  wife / couple

Its a fun fast  read  so  far  and will be looking  for  chaper 3  soon.  

Comment by julie on 06/29/07
as per my previous comments more please

Comment by juliej on 06/17/07
a great story part 3 please

Comment by anne flotetta on 03/22/07
I love this story. You need to add part three soon.

Comment by Stafanie on 10/28/06
Oh my! What a naughty wife! Love the story so far - please keep writing.

Comment by juliej on 08/08/06
an excellent story well written a lot of it was a set up as his wife seemed to have had it all planned out sofar noone at his work had noticed i am very surprised that he did not suspect something was wrong when he was given new clothes what a way to go more please an excellent story well worth the read

Comment by Melissa on 07/16/06
I like the direction the story is going.  I've read some comments looking for the wife's motivation, but I'm content to believe she just wants a feminized husband, not revenge of some sort.  While it is a bit of a stretch to think that someone could fail to notice the effects of the "vitamins" on their body and emotions, perhaps that could be cleared up in another chapter.  In the meantime, I'd like to see where it goes next, maybe carrying a purse, wearing makeup, ultimately a skirt or dress to work?  If there is one area I would look to change, it would be the chapter lengths...don't get me wrong, I appreciate shorter chapters, as I don't have all day to devote to reading, but I think the first two chapters could've been combined without being excessively wordy.  Looking forward to the next installment!

Comment by TG reader on 06/26/06
Love this type of story please keep it going.
Don't worry to much about real story lines (motivation etc)the
vast majority of TG fiction is just that Fiction.

Comment by Missy on 06/26/06
WHY is she feminizing her hubby?  WHY is he so dumb that he can't figure it out?  What is going through his head?  This is great OUTLINE for a story, but to be a real story, that evokes emotions, fellings, etc., you must "flesh it out," make us see the couple, make us side with one or the other, let us know what's going on in their heads, not just his boobies.

Comment by Melanie Brown on 06/25/06
Jezzi is right.  What exactly is the wife's motovation?  There's nothing to suggest any wrong the protagonist may have committed against his wife. Is she out for revenge, insane or just plain evil?

We're also left with a protagonist that we know so little about, it's hard to care what happens to him.  We see nothing of what happens at his work.  Are they in on it or are they really really unobservant?

Also, shouldn't this guy realize something is a little fishy and stop taking the pills as soon as he noticed he was looking a little feminine and his wife was insisting he wear women's clothes?

And as for the mechanics of writing, you should only have one person speaking per paragraph.  The story is very brief.  A little background on the characters and some more detail about how this change is affecting him in his daily life would help the reader better understand the characters.


Comment by kraftty on 06/23/06
hey great story. its getting imteresting. please continue.

                                         thanks kraftty

Comment by Cass on 06/23/06
I like this story but Jezzi makes a good case that there has to be some motivation behind this whole thing.  Otherwise it winds up too much like one of those boring Margaret Jeanette pieces that go into heavy force-fem detail without explaining why.

Comment by Jezzi Stewart on 06/23/06
Are we gfoing to find out WHY she is feminizing her husband  without his knowledge or consent?  You don't indicate that this is an unhappy marriage;  If she loves him and this is a change she wants, she should sit him down and they should discuss it together.  Otherwise, when he finally does figure out that she is behind feminizing him she could lose his love.  Even if he likes the changes - and apparantly he doesn't as you have him going to work in tears at the end of part 2 - If she doesn't tell him he will know it has to be  because she didn't think he would agree but she was going to selfishly have her way anyway.  That's not love.

Comment by Tammi on 06/22/06
I like the start of this story.  I agree that the chapters should be longer.  I want to see how you get her into heels.  Maybe ankle boots would be a start.  Wear those under her pants.  I think she should come out of the closet on Halloween or the office christmas party.  Keep it going.


Comment by Axanar on 06/22/06
I really like the way you are going with this story, and sincerely hope you continue. My only suggestion is that the next chapters be lengthier.

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