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Time Travel
by Susan Fraser

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Comment by Berta on 08/24/22
Loved this story.

If one could be fully transitioned instantly, like is shared in this story, life could become femininely wonderful for many of us who have those feminine feelings, needs and desires but will never get to live them!

Berta, Aug. 23, 2022

Comment by sara on 11/27/11
enjoyed Daniel becoming Danielle.

Comment by Sneha on 09/20/10
Nice story

Comment by Jerry Miller on 12/29/09
i wish i could go backin time and change the past. i wish i could wake up and i was a female.

Comment by Jess Arita on 10/13/04
Well written but way too sweet.  We're continually told Daniel was a jerk but never shown it.  Then he is turned to Danielle for unexplained reasons and immediately is happy to be a girl and undergoes a complete personality change.  Her parents not only immediately accept their son's sex change, but a day later Mom is happily buying her new daughter birth control so she can get out there and try out the equipment.  None of the characters act like real people.  The story is nice as an idealized fantasy.

Comment by Eric on 10/11/04
Pleasant enough, but I'm looking for explanations that I'm not finding.  When Daniel went back in time and became Danielle, he came back to the same worldline he left and she coexists with Daniel until it's time for him to go back and create her.  Instead of making sure Daniel goes through with it so that Danielle can live happily ever after, she finds that the machine is mis-set and shunts Daniel off in hopes of killing him (to the far future, where you'd think the technology would exist not only to save his life but to send him back).  But when he disappears, instead of ceasing to exist herself, she falls into a worldline where Daniel was Danielle from birth.  There are lot of more trivial points here that don't work, but that one seems to fundamentally violate the story premise: the time machine works one way the first time and an entirely different way the second.

Comment by Paula on 10/10/04
Interesting story. Not sure why the change but good tale over all

Comment by Nitpick on 10/10/04
So, man can travel faster than light, and even travel through time, but in all other ways this is exactly like the late 20. or early 21. centuries?

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