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by Brian Houlihan

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Comment by Silvia on 05/14/11

Comment by juliej on 05/25/06
the story is fast run intersting but not to the tastes of me but a good start

Comment by Mandee on 01/07/06
DEar Brian,
  For a tiny dicked sissy- Tina is seeing a lot of action. What a lucky sissy!  We might all do as well.  The action is fast and raw.  
Everyone is sex-crazed with a lot of D/s on their minds.  
  Of course others might say "Where's the beef?" -meaning the feminization.  I say- who needs another story describing the feminization process in great detail.  I usually skim it because it is often predictable and boring.  So cool Brian.  I love it because it was fast and it moved and everyone lived happily ever after.  Thank you

Comment by Bobbie on 10/11/05
Brian, I liked your story. I wish you would add right after " I floated to my apartment": The next night Mercedes called me and told to come over at 8:00PM. When I arrived she instructed me to kneel down in front of her after I took off my clothes. She said I was progressing very well and that now she was going to fix my eyebrows. She held up a pair of tweezers in front of my face and told me to take a deep breath because this was going to take a while. She had me tilt my head back and started to pluck over my right eye. First she plucked along the top of the brow and then continued underneath. This went on for half an hour. When she was satisfied she let up and let me rest my neck muscles for a minute. Then she continued with my left brow. After another half hour passed she was finished. She then told me to go home but that she wanted me to next get a haircut. She told me where to go and that the appointment was for 6:00PM the next day. She told me to ask for Julia. When I got home I quickly ran to the bathroom mirror. I could not believe what Mercedes had done to my eyebrows. They were now thin and arched. I started to cry worried about what they would say at work. The next day I was surprised to only hear a few comments. I told them that a girlfriend insisted. That evening I went to my haircut appointment. Julia was a nice lady and made me feel very comfortable. She told me Mercedes had specified a special haircut and she turned the chair away from the mirror. After much cutting, combing, and buzzing with the clipper she finished. When she turned the chair towards the mirror I was again shocked by my appearance. Julia had given me a Boy's Cut with the sides and back buzzed extra short. Also I now had bangs.

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